Discussion: Trump Says He Wants A 'Fair Trade Deal' Where EU Could Be A 'Big Beneficiary'

I hope Juncker will tell stable genius Cadet Bone Spurs to go fuck himself.


I think someone finally convinced him that a bad economy would sink him good and quick. He’s looking for easy outs that he can claim as victories.

King of bankruptcies says what?


Trump might not have noticed, but our trading relations with the EU have been exemplary for decades. We don’t have big problems with other developed countries. We have problems competing with developing countries that don’t value the environment and human labor. If anything the EU might have a bitch that the Republican America under Trump is unfair in so far as they tear down environmental protections and promote policies that crush unions and lower labor costs. Not the other way around.


All I can say is if you really want to put a thumb in the eye of every establishment Republican, a 20 percent tariff on European cars is a pretty good move. And if that doesn’t enrage them enough, do the same for single-malt Scotches. Because very few people know this, but we sell almost no single-malt Scotch to Scotland, yet they flood our market with theirs. So unfair!


My stock portfolio is almost back to where it was when the 2018 correction started in February. I am praying he succeeds in keeping the economy going. I am close to retirement.


Trump said, suggesting the EU could also be a “big beneficiary” of a revised trading agreement.

How big?

(Asking for a base.)

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Put most of mine in safe stuff 6 months ago

Not related to the EU, but does anyone have thoughts concerning China’s slow devaluation of the yuan over the last 6 months or so? There is so much going on. I still wonder if there is not a “deal” cooked up between China and the orange menace…

Is Trump over reaching in this picture? Is going for Juncker’s p***y?


I’d call it Juncker’s junk.

But, hey, when you start a fight for no really good reason there really are no rules either. And in Trump’s case, probably no goal other than to be able to say he stood up to somebody and won, no matter what the cost or mid-to-long-term damage.

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Trump might be saying Putin is taking care of that, so I don’t have to do it myself.

We only charge about 2% tariffs on Europe’s cars. Since the 60’s, we have charged a tariff of 25% on light trucks and vans from Europe.
If Europe matched our car tariff, I doubt we would see American cars flood their markets. Even though our cars are a lot better than they used to be, Europe still has better cars.

It doesn’t matter if it is. It only matters what you say. Crime had been going down, but according to the GOP campaign, American was a scorched hellscape that was filled with roaming bands of coloreds and feminazis preying on persecuted Christian whites. They’re republican corporate masters sold their jobs overseas, but somehow it was dems fault.


Shorter Trump: Save me!

Trump needs a “win” to show his base.

And how many US companies have moved manufacturing operations to developing countries that don’t value the environment and human labor in order to increase their profit margins? Funny how free market capitalism works in a global market.


Stand up, sit down
Fight, fight, fight!

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This is another example of Spankee talking shit when on his own, then being somewhat responsible when a representative of what he sees as the adversary is in the room.
When Juncker is back on the plane to Europe the shit talk will start again.

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It wouldn’t work so well if we insisted that our trading partners paid their workers a reasonable wage and that they cleaned up their air and water. Don’t have a wage problem in Europe and the Europeans work harder than we do to keep the environment clean. We don’t have big trade issues with them.