Discussion: Trump Revisits Wargames With South Korea As North Korea Talks Stall

Good Lord, AP, this is just disgraceful. This entire piece takes Trump’s erratic flailing and presents it as a coherent, rational strategy in an effort to avoid the “editorializing” that would be inevitable if you described things as they are. You know the workaround for that, losers? You don’t, do you? You get on the damn phone and get a quote from some authoritative voice saying “There’s no coherent, rational strategy here. Trump is erratically flailing around.” JFC this is just the worst. The faint tongue-clucking at the end is nothing but the famous requirement that you have “balance” by including a few paragraphs about how “some see risks” in the new strategy. But there’s no recognition that major powers just don’t behave this way, it’s unheard-of. Nor is there any recognition of the fundamental craziness in the original tweets, which blamed China for the rift with with NoKo but said simultaneously that Trump’s warm personal relationship with Kim and Xi continues and everything will be fine. It’s literally insane.


The AP is a major offender in both-siderism… I almost want to say that this is Fake news… but IMO it’s true, just only partially

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I didn’t notice any errors of fact. The problem is that it takes a crazy, unusual, and dangerous situation and normalizes it. The language and tone would be identical to any newspaper piece in the last 75 years about some sort of international tension.


Agreed… I do not think the facts presented are in error… I just wish (as I think you are saying in your original post) that there would be some analysis presented on the way the pendulum seems to be swinging on this (and many other issues). The unspoken way that Trump will change his mind on an issue on a regular basis.


Well, you look on the opinion side, the obvious consensus is Trump was pitiably duped and swindled. He gave away the store and got nothing. We all know this. But here, on the news side, there’s zero recognition of this essential fact. Zero. It may be factual but it’s misleading and fundamentally not true, because it doesn’t describe how things are. One damn quote up high enough would have gone far to fix that, but AP hires lazy mediocrities a lot (they have a couple good ones I admit) and this is just disgraceful.


Make your Secretary of Defense look bad by contradicting him, mention your good warm relationship with a murdering dictator who played you bigly, and make a stupid, empty childish threat (instantly relaunch far bigger than ever before), all in a couple of tweets.

Leadership. #MAGA.

At least he got back to complaining about and demonizing the media, and calling for a criminal referral against longtime fighter of Russia and the Russian mob, Bruce Ohr, as well as “all the others” in the FBI and DOJ who Trump says committed a fraud against the FISA Court.

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" that will add to speculation over the direction of Trump’s attempted rapprochement with a longtime adversary."

oh AP - you have outdone yourselves. Other, lesser reporters might have said “All in keeping with the public knowledge that the president’s meeting with the North Korean leader resulted in nothing but a few photographs.”

If I were {AP} reporting on AP I would write “Outstanding journalism and high ethical standards continue to be applied to the stories that AP generates.”

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