Discussion: Trump Renews 'Apprentice' Contract Ahead Of Presidential Election Year

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Yes. And Kim Kardashian will be his Veep.


Republicans have allowed their primary process to essentially become a promotional tour for reality tv stars, talk show hosts, and snake oil hucksters.

They must be so proud of themselves!


And if TPM had any brains, they’d stop being lemmings like the rest of the media and refuse to report on the stupid shit he says. He knows full well that he gets free publicity for his show by “threatening” to run for president. Stop enabling the stupid, TPM


NBC should call his bluff and cancel his contract.



Well, she does have a good relationship with “the blacks”.

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Comedians across the country are applauding once again. Just more late night material.

That thing on Trump’s head is so expansive it has its own zip code.

Trump has even less credibility than Brian Williams. Oh yeah, I went there.

Not worth the electrons used to report it.

Why does TPM have a link to Newsmax?

This show hasn’t been canceled yet? I’m out of touch.

…yet here you are.