Discussion: Trump Re-Election Campaign Piles On The Warren Heritage Mockery

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Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement Saturday that Warren has been “exposed as a fraud by the Native Americans she impersonated and disrespected to advance her professional career, and the people of Massachusetts she deceived to get elected.”

And nobody would know fraud better than the guy who’s perpetrated fraud on the American people, various shareholders, his wives, and his contractors.

Isn’t it a bit early in the campaign season to launch such an attack? It’s like they fear her or something.


Trolls also pop up when Trumpland is nervous

There is another thread started earlier called, “Warren Enters Crowded Field…”

In it, two trolls have staked out the thread. The first was able to divert attention to (him/her) for a little bit. The second is–as we speak–dominating the thread at the present time. The discussion is now dealing nearly all of it with trollie.


Wow! These racists seem kind of scared of her.


I’m afraid this line of attack is going to dog her and effectively kill her campaign in the cradle.


How awful! At least she’s accepting her heritage.

Donald is still denying his African ancestry.


"that will raise taxes, kill jobs and crush America’s middle-class,”

Like the recently passed tax cuts?
After W and 45*, I’m still waiting for all those job creators to create those middle class jobs we have been hearing about for the past 3 decades.


While I never really considered Warren a credible candidate for the Democratic nomination, I think this is part of a much bigger problem Democrats will face next year: Nobody’s perfect. The fight for the Democratic nomination has already been labeled the “apology tour” by those on the right, and for good reason.

In our scramble to show that we’re better than those racist, sexist Republicans, we’ve adopted a “zero tolerance” policy, not just for recent behavior, but for all knowable behavior going back several decades. As it turns out, no one is so perfect that you can’t find something they did that might have offended someone if you go back far enough.

I’m starting to worry that the Democrats will self-immolate in their attempt to find that perfect candidate whose shit never stank, handing the Republicans yet another victory purely by default. Remember, every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. If you’re over 40 and can’t think of anything you’ve ever done in the past that might be considered offensive (especially by today’s standards) then my guess is your memory just isn’t all that good.


Wow, Parscale’s still on the lam? I look forward to hearing him say that again … from prison.


Doesn’t he have ties to Cambridge Analytica?


In a way, I suppose it keeps them busy, and it shows how much they are afraid or her and her message.

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Ha, he must mean a candidate that has a family history of changing the family name to avoid their heritage and completely make up a false story of where his family was from or that his father was arrested at a KKK rally in NY or that every male avoided the draft or that …

Just stop trump from lying vote in 2020.


This is a challenge that we’ll have to work through, but I think once debates start and people see the candidates, folks will get perspective.


There are probably ways that Warren could have killed the whole Pocahontas thing, but it’s a bit difficult given that is seems that she wrote down or checked off Native American/American Indian more than once, even if it didn’t mean anything or get her anything. But in any case she doesn’t seem to have that sort of instincts. Instead she tried and made it worse.

In general I don’t see her as having the personality that is one that would get the typical low information voter to vote for her as the President/Mommy/Daddy of the country anyway, no matter how smart and correct she is on the issues. She should keep at what she is doing in the Senate.

I’m disappointed that she is throwing her hat in the ring. It won’t be helpful and unfortunately I don’t think she is going anywhere.

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Fair enough. That is a concern.

I say that because of the rousing success of our Republic, which has maintained stability for 240 years (as a POC I know intimately that it was not founded for people like me, but was able to enact laws that allow me to live in a modicum of freedom).

Only people secure in that kind of “faith in our institutions” would have ever voted like we did in 2016. The threat Trump posed was existential [I don’t have the time to list all of the nation-destroying things Trump has done and is doing]…yet we toyed with making Hillary Clinton “equal” to Trump and horseraced ourselves into disaster.

I can say this:

IF the people of the United States arrive at an accurate appraisal of the danger Trump and the GOP pose to this nation, the problem of selecting which Democrat (from an ample stable of people) will be a very simple process. My analogy?

“An asteroid is approaching earth. We have a choice between two things… (A) one of four top-rated rocket/missile systems on the one hand and (B) one of four War of 1812 Cannon on the other”


I don’t think there’s much point in fretting that the Trump people are doing this. If they think it works, they’re going to do it. The candidates who win against them will have to have a way of countering it. But schoolyard taunts are not a mystical force that nothing can withstand. It’s a problem to deal with, like any other problem. I imagine deft candidates will treat it as the sign of weakness it is.


Yes. And has long as he’s around, as long as Kellyanne Conway is around, just know that means piles of dark money from Robert Mercer is around. No matter what he says.


In a country that elected Donald Trump as its President, I’d rather not have to count on us gaining any sense of perspective. We’ve already failed that test miserably.


If mockery is all you got, you got nuthin’


You got trolls. :laughing: