Discussion: Trump, Other ‘2016 Contenders’ To Join Fox News' NYE Special

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Clinton and Sanders should ask for equal time.


Well isn’t that special.
Calling up Trump to ruin the party.

"Donald Trump is going to ring in the new year with us and you’re going to hear from a bunch more of the 2016 contenders," Bolling said.

Any word from JEB yet on this development?

Then they’ll all join heavily beringed claws and sing “We Aren’t The World!”


They will get it either before or after the first (refer to Michaels, first name Lorne) the 31st.

Personally I wish the FCC would clarify and make adamant the ‘equal time’ rule.

wish: \wiSH/ verb

verb: wish; 3rd person present: wishes; past tense: wished; past participle: wished; gerund or present participle: wishing

feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

“Then I read that damn label.”

Well, if Trump is there you can bet it will be covered by TPM.

HITLARY? SHe PEEs from Her VAGINA. Disgusting.


Key word here is “contenders.”

About that equal time rule

Until Iowa and New Hampshire officially say otherwise…

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is expected to appear on Fox News’ New Year’s Eve special alongside hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling, Bolling announced Monday night.

(Slowly Shaking Head) God, Kimberly, how fucking far you have gone astray. From people I know who knew you when you lived in San Francisco, they told me you were a pretty smart person, and rather caring. What the hell happened? Money? The camera?

So will Trump schlong Kimberly with that big di$k of his?

Maybe whap her upside the head on live TV?

Then when she goes off camera to the bathroom tell the audience she’s off doing something horrible, too horrible to even mention!

Ah, gotta love the double standard here. LOL

We hate the world
We hate the post-birth poor children
We sing this song for a darker day
Let’s wrap the world in a fog of coal-smog
Make it warmer for you and me
Come on, now, everybody!


Contribution in kind.


She’s likely had those values.

Now they weren’t likely out there (she was married to Newsom), but as times change…

Now if you want the “well Lucifer gets us all in regards to eventuality”

please let me know

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OMG, who was the politician that needed a basic anatomy lesson on that following a similar comment? That one still amazes me.

Edit: Found it!! Some lame State House Rep. from Idaho, Vito Barbieri. A real spud head, that one. Also the name of a supposedly real good soul food restaurant in Detroit on 8 Mile btw…named Spud Headz.

And now Nielsen will be able to quantify exactly how many angry, elderly white guys stay awake until midnight on NYE.

I think you’re right, inversion. It’s a bit personal for me because all those years back when Newsom was putting together his first campaign for Mayor of SF, a couple of my friends who knew Kimberly told me they were leery of Gavin Newsom (they wondered if he was too conservative) and told me that they’d be open to listening to me, what I had to say about him (I liked him) but that they felt it was a big plus in his favor that Kimberly liked him. I never met Kimberly, never knew her except by a few people like these two friends. I think back on those years and think to myself, damn, you dudes were way off. That said, I still don’t know her and can’t really judge her except by the fact she’s been with FOX Entertainment so long now and some of the really dumb things she’s said over the years. She does not come off anywhere near a Tantaros or what’s-her-name, the blonde on the morning show who’s leaving shortly (used to be on ‘The View’), but … still. Oh, well. I can only presume she’s happy where she resides. Good for her, really.

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Nothing like ringing in the New Year with a ding, dong, schlong …

Oh my word … so sorry … that was so bad.

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