Discussion: Trump Offers Condolences To Parents Of US Student Released From North Korea


Obviously Drumpf himself did not write this, otherwise he would have said something shitty about Obama.


Here’s another problem with Trump: he has no moral authority in these situations, and cannot credibly lay claim to the grief and sorrow experienced by millions of ordinary Americans. I look to other leaders–the Pope, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel–if I want my feelings to be validated by officialdom.
RIP, Otto Warmbier.


My thoughts exactly.

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I’m just wondering whether the harm caused to Mr. Wambier was the direct result of Donnie’s over-the-top sabre-rattling?


Has he even mentioned the London attack on muslims?



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good thing he didn’t get his throat slashed by a Nazi on a train on his way home from work, otherwise no deep felt “thoughts and prayers” for a few more days at least

this kids folks are probably really happy he was not a gold star recipient, otherwise they may have been ridiculed on the national stage


Stupid, ignorant thing hasn’t learned that “thoughts and prayers” are useless and worthless, as is his administration.


“There is nothing more tragic for a parent than to lose a child…”

To paraphrase Stalin:

“The death of one child is a tragedy; the death of millions by taking away their healthcare is a statistic.”


He’s such a jerk. Grrrr.

I made the mistake of watching Jonathan Alter discussing the Georgia election a few minutes ago. He proclaimed that Ossoff is not making the mistake Hillary Clinton did - running against Donald Trump. Besides the fact that he was her opponent, and Ossoff is running against Handel, did Alter even listen to her when she discussed the issues and offered her ideas for the problems facing this country?!! Was she supposed to completely ignore the ignorant blatherings he spewed? The effing MSM certainly paid more attention to his ravings than they did to her.

Alter must have lost some brains when he lost his hair.


Trump repeating Faux News guests (and hosts) by saying Obama has this kid’s blood on his hands in 3…2…1…


Condolences to his family. In addition, perhaps this will be an example to people who feel the need to visit that tourist’s paradise, North Korea.


That kid made a foolish, naive mistake when he removed that poster in that country with that leader.

Obama couldn’t protect him from himself or the North Koreans and fucking Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to either.


I’ve been trying to figure out a tactful way of bringing that point up. Why on earth would any parent allow their child to “visit” North Korea? It would be like sending your Jewish child to tour Berlin in the early 1940’s. Why would you knowingly allow your child to be put into such a dangerous situation?


Especially when that “child” is a college student on his way to Hong King to study and you are paying the tab.

ETA: I probably wouldn’t, under the circumstances, say anything. However, when the father, in a press conference last week, denounced Obama and praised Trump, for the way each had “handled” the situation, the question came to my mind: Why denounce or praise any U. S. President when you were the one who pad for the trip?


I’m shocked

I don’t care who wrote this, but if it was ‘45’, give his a— four scoops, as opposed to just two.

If it was someone else, then that was an outstanding statement.


Thank you, thank you, thank yo…

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It is apparent that at least for the moment, an adult over 22 years of age has taken over the DJT Twitter account and, with some sense of how to show compassion and then a large amount of stupid protectionism, sent a message that might be aligned with the leader of the free world.

Whew! I was afraid we would be in air to air combat with the Syrians/Russians at 3pm CT today, and sending a fleet to the Sea of Japan via Australia by 5pm CT today.

Tom, from Broadcast News,***“In other words, I think we’re okay”***

But wait, "After all, tomorrow is another day."

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Actually, the Always Resourceful CharlieE™ has access to the tweet he had queued up before his handlers took his phone away.