Discussion: Trump Labels Violent 'Riots' In Charlotte 'An Attack On The Poor' (VIDEO)

“We honor and recognize the right of all Americans to peacefully assemble, protest and demonstrate,” he said. “But there is no right to engage in violent disruption or to threaten the public safety and peace of others.” Oh horsepucky. Now the media will fawn all over him today telling us all how ‘Presidential’ he sounds. Crap. This is Kellyanne’s work.


Now the media will fawn all over him today telling us all how ‘Presidential’ he sounds

^ Nailed it.


I won’t watch this clip but there’s gotta be a teleprompter involved here, yes?


Trump went on to condemn “rampant” crime in “these communities,”
proposing an increase in law enforcement and community engagement to stem “a national crisis.”

A riot over a police shooting in Charlotte is a national crisis requiring a police state response?
Yes there is most certainly a problem with police shooting black men as exemplified by the recent Tulsa shooting and with the other cop on black man shootings but to respond with a police state? Why not a more nuanced adult non-emotionally driven response like police training changes and community policing?
Trump’s response is that of a non critically thinking chump.


“There is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct. Crime … is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a Trump administration.”

Strange time to bring up his dealings with Florida AG Pam Bondi. And to remind us that they could be constituted as an attack on the poor.


Trumpet working overtime to look presidential. Love the flag on the man parts.

@ajoguy He doesn’t leave home without one. That’s why he looks to one side or the other so he can read his hate speech.


He’s like a super rich Gandhi but with hairplugs and a sharkskin suit.

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Even when he’s trying to make sense, he fails miserably.

Is his basic argument that “the bad ones” are ruining it for “the good ones”?

Still a racist piece of shit but his approval rating among African Americans may double from zero to, well, zero (it’s the MATHS that gets ya every time!)


Sorry I’m dumb–Is it supposed to be a Russian flag? The colors aren’t in the right order.

Not sure, but all those glorious stars and stripes are missing… Who would have imagined he’d sport a Russian flag in his tightie whities

Here’s the caption, with a h/t to our president

One nation, incandescent. There is not a black America or a white America or a Creamsicle-hued America, waterproof and evenly applied. There is only a United States of America

I won’t watch it either but we can rest assured that any time he speaks without a flurry of superfluous “very, really, tremendous, trust me, believe me” and doesn’t wonder off message to remind people of his money/business success/smartest man in the room, he’s absolutely reading someone else’s words off of a teleprompter.


His basic argument is that white people cannot handle the sight of passionate black people.
Same reason that throwing a punch will get a player ejected from an NBA game, but will get an NHL player onto the highlight reel.
Same reason that NFL endzone celebrations used to be ok… until a group of black players from the Washington, DC football team started gaining notoriety for them. Then they had to be “brought to a very rapid end.”


Here’s a list of some things that are attacks on the poor:

Police shootings.
Fake bank accounts at Wells Fargo.
The Wall Street crash.
Intentional stagnation of wages for the last few decades.
Sending manufacturing jobs to other countries.
Tax breaks for the wealthy and big, multi-national corporations.
The gutting of public services like education, parks and assistance programs.
Things having to do with Skittles for some reason (Trayvon Martin and people from Syria).

But you know what isn’t an attack on the poor? Smashing a window at Starbucks. Stopping traffic. No, those are the kinds of things that begin to affect the wealthy. If a wealthy person or corporation has to replace a window, well, that’s something. Or if a wealthy person can’t get around because traffic is stopped, well, now attention must be paid.

Trump and his ilk will absolutely tolerate the systemic screwing of the poor, but the one thing they will never tolerate is the poor trying to screw with them.


Don the Con piss on the media once again and the media with their cups:
Basically the media caves DT con on the debate: http://mediamatters.org/research/2016/09/22/bar-gets-lower-media-reinforce-double-standard-trump-ahead-first-debate/213261
The cowards:
ABC report details of $100s Millions of dollars of Russia business for tRump (MUST WATCH): https://twitter.com/samsteinhp/status/778961292908498945?ref_src=twsrc^tfw

Great list there, weatherservo9, and I’d add

Exploiting bankruptcy laws to raid workers’ pensions and screw over contractors and small business while remaining protected and even profiting

Housing discrimination (even if it’s a family tradition)

Demonizing anyone anywhere who has ever needed the protection of a social safety net program


I’ve been struck by some similarities between HO and Nixon concerning the subject of being truthful. Also about policing. Nixon was big into border security institution "Operation Intercept in 1969 to catch drug smugglers and their loads of weed. His Idea was to totally close down the border crossings. It lasted about two weeks. He finally realized the economic impact it was having on legal commerce across the border. It was an utter failure.

Nixon like trump was a serial liar only Nixon was way more skilled than HO can ever hope to be:

“If you are going to lie, you go to jail for the lie rather than the crime. So believe me, don’t ever lie.”
Nixon to John Dean in April 1973. Dean was due to testify before the Senate Watergate Committee, which he did on June 25, 1973.


Way to avoid the elephant in the room.

The dangers of doing anything while black in our society and disproportionate use of force by LEOs against AAs.

But we all know he’s pandering for the white supremacist vote.


“We honor and recognize the right of all Americans to peacefully assemble, protest and demonstrate,”

Two weeks ago you said Colin Kaepernick should leave the country.


Yup. He should have to show his work before anyone assumes he actually wrote it.

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