Discussion: Trump Jr.'s Branded Campaign Tweet Compares Refugees To Poisoned Skittles

“If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. [sic] Would you take a handful?” the text read. “That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”

First, I don’t like Skittles.
Second, I like the Trumps even less, all of whom are fatal to the U.S.
I’ll take any Syrian refugee over anyone in the Trump clan in a heartbeat.


If I had a bowl of Trumps, I would throw the whole thing out.


These are some really sick people. Not Syrian refugees – the Trump clan.


Exactly. In an attempt to dehumanize the poor Syrian refugees, all the Trumps do is dehumanize themselves. Not that they have a long road to get there.


He’s motivated African-American, Hispanic, gay and lesbian, Muslim, women, and the generally not insane voters to all vote against him. And now he’s lost the candy lover vote as well!


Trump - what a gene pool! Among all the terrible things about a Trump presidency is Jr and siblings as first family -yuck.


The Trumps are just a couple of steps away from traditional eliminationist rhetoric. A “We need to lance the boil,” and a couple of references to “cleansing” the body politic and we’ll be there.
DT Jr. is the most loathsome Trump, and also apparently the most stupid. Ivanka might have a nice bone in her body, but she is completely clueless, as well as thin-skinned.


Trump Jr is not only a hater, he stole the fucking image from someone else.

No creativity, Sad!


Trump family: Fruit of the poisoned tree.


First off, whoever created the meme has the same fifth grade mentality as Trump. What I think they meant to say is, “if I told you three were poisoned…” The way it reads now, it looks like three Skittles would be a deadly overdose, but 1 or 2, meh…

Second, and more important, what a horrible, horrible thing to say about people who have already suffered so much.


Obvious point: Dehumanization is the first step in genocide.

Other obvious point: A Trump presidency would be a long string of atrocities that will shame us as a nation.
Forget preserving President Obama’s legacy–no hyperbole, he’d be lucky to get through it with his life.


“We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing,"
Except we might add what a complete dick and insensitive privileged lout Donald Trump Jr is.


…several isolated terror attacks across the USA…

I guess 3 can be considered as several, but I think characterizing NY, NJ, and Minnesota as “across the USA” is a little hyperbolic.

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That is the thing they are so quick to forget . The good honest people who just want to live their lives in peace.
Can you imagine for one second any of those Trumps deposited in Aleppo for 5 minutes. It would be their worst Twilight Zone episode come to life. They would be huddled in a corner crying like little girls.
The lack of compassion is beyond the pale


Too bad common decency doesn’t guarantee an election win. This is what we’re fighting against, but, to the discredit of the country, it’s not the ground we should be fighting on.


Donald, Donald Jr and Eric Trump all have spouses in their lives. What kind of terribly damaged human beings must they be to stand by and support these three men?

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Phrasing your hateful thoughts in moronic and ridiculous terms is an obvious family trait here.


How you gonna know that three are poisoned after you disband the FDA Food Safety Police? Unless, of course, you poisoned them yourself?


Sick reasoning from a sick family.

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