Discussion: Trump Joins Anti-Schiff Faction: He 'Should Be Forced To Resign!'

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“knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking,”

That’s packing a lot of sh*t into a small, incoherent package.

ETA: Does this also include Devin Nunes as well?



Well, shoot, Mr. “President.” We’ve all seen evidence of collusion. Why don’t you resign?


The President should force Schiff to reveal the evidence that he has by issuing a blanket declassification for anything that Schiff produces… Since there was no collusion, nothing to be scared of…


Just his cow.


Open mouth, take out Big Mac, insert foot.


FOAD, Traitor-in-Chief.

YOU’RE the puppet liar.

You have yet to (intentionally) tell the truth since you started your traitorous campaign, and your attempt to destroy America, just to please your banker Vladi, is sickening to ALL REAL Americans. The traitors that support you love betraying my country, however.

Fuck them, too.



That’s a good idea. One way to get him to do it: tell him Obama would NEVER declassify ANYTHING, because of something something mumble reasons. [Of course, the risk in that is that he’ll repeat that statement as Gospel. But it might be worth the risk.]


Small quibble… “We’ve all seen evidence of collusion…” add: “that you have shown us.”


The “apparent conclusion” of the report is that a prosecutor likely couldn’t prove the elements of criminal conspiracy, NOT that there is no evidence, NOT that there is no collusion (whatever that may mean) falling short of conspiracy.

We deserve to know whether this imposter is compromised and not acting in America’s interests. Whether he could’ve convicted of criminal conspiracy is just one of many aspects of the answer. Schiff is right to push for a complete answer, and to support the American people’s right to know it.

The phrasing in this item was unfortunate. TPM can, and usually does, do better.


The Cow’s got mooovement:

(click to see the graphic its cowclassic, and followed by a funny thread.)


“…unlawfully lying…”

Mr. President, sourced citations please. Otherwise fuck off.

Should it not be terrifying that the president is targeting political opponents with any kind of legal actions? Isn’t this what dictators do? Is trump’s behavior so normalized that we can’t see how dangerous this is?


Yes. Yes. And Yes.


Nailed it.


I agree. The Asshole in the Oval Office should resign.


Wait a minute! Looking at the little tweet screenshot only 61k Russians liked it. Trump losing Red supporters?

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Translation: the endorphin bump of the Barr letter has worn off, and Trump is scared shitless again. Maybe they’ve translated the report into crayon.