Discussion: Trump Invokes Roy Moore To Endorse Donovan Over Grimm In Staten Island

I’m not sure what Nancy Pelosi ever did in the House that differed a great deal from the policies and methods of dozens of other Democrats in seeking to pass laws and influence our society. Trump is employing a thinly veiled dog whistle in constantly invoking her name to stir fear and outrage. Her crime? She’s a woman. An “uppity”, smart, independent, driven woman. A conservative man’s worst nightmare. And probably a conservative woman’s also.

Remember, the only people on Earth that hate and fear women more than Republican, conservative men are Republican, conservative women.


“Do not ask what those teenage panties can do for you. Ask what you can do for those teenage panties!”
Donald Trump is the new JFK!


We can’t take any chances on losing to a Nancy Pelosi controlled Democrat!

I am sure his tune will change if Nancy takes impeachment off the table (Again!!!)

Yes, voters! Please “Remember Alabama!”, where Donald Trump endorsed pedophile Roy Moore once he got the GOP nomination for Senate.

And if you don’t vote for the GOP, I’m gonna break you in half like a little boy!

Will Roy Moore campaign for Donovan?

I’m surprised that tRump is not endorsing Grimm. They’re so much alike–grifters, con-men, guys who puff up their success in business, bullies… The list goes on. And on…

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Nancy Pelosi seems to have some amazing powers of mind control…

But, but, 45 doesn’t consort with (convicted) criminals!!


Yes but he got caught so he’s a loser. Sad!

Emphasis added -

Trump likely wants to steer clear of Grimm, as he attempts to make a resurgence after serving seven months in prison for a federal tax fraud conviction.