Discussion: Trump: 'I Just Don't Know' If Carson Has Been Honest

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Reading Drumpf’s comments, one thing is obvious. He is taking elocution lessons from Wasilla Kardashian.


Wow, the things Tramp just don’t know…


“Ben wrote a book and the book is a tough book. He talked about he has pathological disease,”

Yep, one thing for sure - his inability to form a coherent sentence is no “act”.


Trump played it low key in today’s shots likely keeping the killing strokes safe and wrapped in satin until debate time but Dr. Carson’s latest low-info Passion Play is concluding, as luck and a bad press would have it, with a good old-fashioned, snake(press)-banishing crucifixion and resurrection. Say, “Hallelujah!”, and pass the pyramid full of dark money!


Carson is a serial fabricator. That much has been proven.

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How long will it be before Donald tells his audience that Ben is a wacko? His reference to Carson’s “pathological disease”, seems to be a door opening to that political opportunity.

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I watched Carson in an interview say that he was leading Clinton in the polls so I did the google and by gosh by golly he is!

What’s THAT all about??

Next I’m going to do the google the words to “Oh Canada”!

And now for your Sunday hummoroids…


Imagine Granny and Gramps (and Goober)…with the entire country paying attention to what they like.

Beats bingo and stock car races.

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He talked about he has pathological disease," Trump continued. "It's a serious thing. As I understand it, you can't really cure it.

The Donald probably understands better than most the futility of curing a pathological personality disorder. #Nothappening

But seriously, WTF is Trump talking about? Did Carson actually say something like that (in addition to all the other BS he shoveled)?

“One other factor played an important role in my development. I had always had a terrible temper, striking out at anyone who opposed me. One afternoon when I was fourteen, I argued with a friend named Bob. Pulling out a camping knife, I lunged at my friend. The steel blade struck his metal belt buckle and snapped,” he wrote.

The story only rings about 0.4% plausible today, after 30 years of importing cheap shit from China. There are $3 “knives” for sale in gas stations that look like a man could break one bare handed. But the idea that some punk teenager broke a fifties or sixties American steel blade is more farfetched than the pyramid grain theory.

And frankly, being made in China is a cop out anyway. American businessmen are importing the shit, pocketing all the big savings for themselves and impoverising their American customers along the way. Ben Cason stands for helping them pocket more of the same, regardless of the other nonsense he’s made up over the years.


When you say though hitting your head over the head with a hammer when
you talk about hitting your friend in the face with a lock — padlock.

It’s still early out here and my brain still hurts from last night. What does this mean?


You must buy his newest book to find out becuz Capitalism!!

I took that incurable pathological disease stuff to mean—if this jumble of verbiage means anything at all—that either Carson is lying or else he’s a big incurable Stabby McStabsalot who’ll go around stabbing everyone if you vote for him. Or something, I really don’t care. Mostly I hope this little boomlet of Things Trump Said is short-lived. I was enjoying the peace and quiet we were having in the past week or two.


Ben Carson —

Pathological vs Pathetic…

You decide.


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I just find it mind boggling that someone running for President is bragging about committing assault and attempted murder. And is upset because people don’t believe him.


Well, if he’s being honest, you know, he really does know.

This is just Trump being a diplomat.

Trump is saving his ammo for the debate Tuesday night.

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