Discussion: Trump Gushes Over Kim Jong Un's 'Very Nice Note' Touting 'Epochal Progress'

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“Epochal” as in "pertaining to a period of geologic time less than a period and greater than an age’?
Webster defines an “epoch” as
1 a : an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development
b : a memorable event or date
2 a : an extended period of time usually characterized by a distinctive development or by a memorable series of events
b : a division of geologic time less than a period and greater than an age
3 : an instant of time or a date selected as a point of reference (as in astronomy
I’m not sure that any of those necessarily suggest a positive development, even if they suggest significance.

And we just know that a word like “epochal” is part of Trump’s speaking and recognition vocabulary.

I personally think “farcical” would be le mot juste.

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One “Your Excellency” per paragraph. You can’t lay it on any thicker without a trowel.

Those NoKos have done their NPD homework, haven’t they?

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Or, like the old Knights Errant films: Your Liege.

Is there a Nobel Pathetic Prize?

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Once again, the Bard speaks to us from 400 years ago:

“Get thee glass eyes, and like a scurvy politician seem to see the things thou dost not.” King Lear, Act IV, sc. 6.

Trump truly lives in his own reality, where he’s handsome, smart and a great leader. Too bad the rest of us know that the Emperor has no clothes.

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NK is truly mastered the carrot and stick approach…or maybe it’s more like Lucy’s football approach.

Either way…they’ve got it all over donnie.

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He’s so easy.

OT: Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney and Roy Moore, airs Sunday July 15th

Sacha Baron Cohen hits back at Sarah Palin as Roy Moore admits being duped
The former Alaska governor had called the comedian ‘evil, exploitative and sick’ after unwittingly featuring in Cohen’s new show – along with the disgraced Alabama Senate candidate


In response, Cohen has posted a letter on Twitter as a new, previously unrevealed character, Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, PhD, who runs the site Truthbrary.org.

Palin had claimed Cohen disguised himself as a “disabled US veteran” during the interview before she walked out.

“I did NOT say I was a War Vet,” the letter reads. “I was in the service – not military, but United Parcel and I only fought for my country once – when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property.”

More LOL

Sacha Baron Cohen has made his own Infowars
Truthbrary.org appears to be the creation of the comedian’s newly unveiled alter-ego, a Maga-loving citizen journalist

Why Truthbrary? Well, as the website, which seems to have been set up last year explains, it’s a rejection of “THE MAINSTREME MEDIA + THE LIEbrary OF FALSE INFORMATION THEY TRY TO PUSH INTO THE PUBLICS MIND’S.”
The creative approach to spelling and grammar, along with the penchant for capitalization, are characteristic of the site, which is written in a very Trump-esque voice.

Truthbrary contains, for example, a “collection of studies and investigations” that you don’t see in the lying mainstream media, including hard-hitting pieces like “The Military has been Implanting Mind Controlled Neural Dust to remotely control their victims” and “21 goals of the illuminati”. It also contains all the favourite conspiracy theories of the right, including “Obama is a Kenyan” and “Hillary is Satanist Illuminati.”

Ted Koppel too