Discussion: Trump Goes All In On The Midterms, Heads To Tennessee

Let’s see if Trump can work his magic like he did for Luther Strange, Roy Moore and Ed Gillespie. Maybe with Tennessee, Trump can hit the trifecta.


Another AP article where Trump is normalized. A simple, typical politician quote and an off-hand mention of “his agenda.” This needs to stop.


Golfing weekends = $3Million .
Each political rally = $3Million
Amount down the drain each week = $9Million .


Awesome news!

I want Trump out campaigning and publicly fundraising for as many republicans as he possibly can.

Because every time he shows up for a campaign, he reinforces that the election is about him. And we win that argument.


We have a better than fighting chance in Tennessee. He is up 5 points at RCP, and is doing extremely well on the fundraising side of things, too.


Cult leader gonna cult.


Beyond Indiana, Trump has used his Twitter page to boost California Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox, hoping to strengthen the party’s chances of securing a spot on the ballot in November.

Cox got an endorsement boost last week from President Trump. That followed an earlier endorsement by the state’s leading Republican, U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield. But neither Trump nor McCarthy really care a rip about Cox, or think he has any prayer of being elected.

They merely think that without a Republican at the top of the ticket in November, GOP voters won’t be drawn to the polls. And if they aren’t, they can’t vote for Republican members of Congress who are in tough reelection battles. Democrats are trying to flip 24 Republican seats nationally to recapture control of the House. California has seven targeted Republican-held seats in districts where voters sided with Democrat Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016.

There was encouraging data for Republican congressional candidates in the Public Policy Institute survey. It took a special look at 10 districts considered competitive — nine are held by Republicans. In those 10 battlegrounds, 59% of likely voters approved of Trump’s job performance, compared with only 38% statewide.

Also in those districts, 61% said they’d vote for a Republican House candidate over a Democrat, compared with 38% statewide.

So primary voters will decide whether there’ll be a competitive contest for governor in Novemberand also whether Republicans might get a little help in retaining the House

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The egotista loves the roar of the crowd!

“Trump is planning a series of political rallies and events in the coming months to boost Republicans…”

Please proceed dipshit.

As Giuliani would have us know, Trump’s jury is the American people. His campaigning is ultimately his only defense strategy in the upcoming mid-term trial.

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