Discussion: Trump Faces Toughest Test Yet In North Korea Summit

Trump reiterated his promise Saturday that the U.S. “will watch over and
we’ll protect” Kim and his government in return for him giving up the
nuclear program.

WTF does that mean?

Let’s be clear, Trump screws up everything he touches.


If any of his relatives or anyone else gets out of line, we’ll feed them to the dogs instead of Kim having to do it?

ETA: Seriously, it’s all bullshit anyway. Whatever he says about the summit is basically meaningless. This isn’t like the Thrilla in Manila, it’s more like a tempest in a Singapore teapot. This is the diplomatic equivalent of Trump shaving Vince McMahon’s head.


Protect Kim from who or what?
A Democratic Revolution?
A Military Coup?
South Korea?
He doesn’t even know what he’s saying.

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Trump’s word is his bond.


another award in the making for dipshit.

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It doesn’t take a Stable Genius to predict how this story ends:

…in 1-2-3 days…

Trump declares Singapore summit’s the greatest in human history, blah, blah, blah…

…and the goddamned Media stenographs/regurgitates whatever he says

Voila! The headline of this thread is exactly what this vile Conman wants, a low expectation, leading to the big reveal in coming days…

America, is this what a dying democracy look like?


Well we know this won’t end, well or not not. Trump’s record of taking the high road is zilch to minus one.

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Dotard’s Test Result? He’ll bomb it…

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From the always wonderful Juanita Jean’s

Trudeau lists his height at 6’2″

Trump lists his height at 6’3″

I think Trudeau is lying.


I don’t even know what that really means, but had I been drinking milk just now, my keyboard would have been utterly ruined. Well done!

“The summit has been a success, despite what the failing media reports. Not only are plans under way for a Trump Pyongyang Hotel, but we are in the early stages of negotiations for a North Korean version of The Apprentice, starring the Little Rocket Man himself. In return, North Korea gets to keep its nukes. Am I the world’s best negotiator or what?”


“During my examination I was able to determine that, due to the president’s unique and really tremendous genetic makeup, his towering height can be reduced by between 1 inch and 3 inches when he travels north of the 49th parallel. The effect can be exacerbated by standing in close proximity to a tall French-Canadian. We don’t yet fully understand the mechanism behind this loss in height, but it’s absolutely real, and absolutely temporary.”

~ Dr. Ronny ‘Feelgood’ Jackson, desperately trying to be reinstated as White House physician.


The premise isn’t valid. There’s no test here. It’s an exercise in posturing for all concerned. Trump, entirely unaware of how much he’s already given away, both out of eagerness and ignorance, meets with Kim and automatically confers a long-desired international status the NoKos could never have gotten from a sane president without major concessions. Trump got nothing. He’ll happily settle for vague suggestions that something could be worked out far down the road. For this he’ll agree to a rich goodie bag of economic benefits. He’ll describe the deal as historically unequaled. A test you can grade yourself on is no test at all.

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