Discussion: Trump Doubles Down On George Conway Bashing: 'Stone Cold LOSER,' 'Husband From Hell!'

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I think a “husband from hell” would be one who cheats on his pregnant wife with a porn actress.

But that’s just me.


Feels like some old skit from the WWF. Conway is a smart guy and is pretty good on twitter, but I don’t take him very seriously or trust him very much. Reading his tweets is just sort of a guilty pleasure. Focusing on Trump’s insanity doesn’t really get at his willful actions to obstruct justice, undermine our system of government or lock brown kids in cages and monitor pregnant brown women (also put in cages). Those are willful actions whether Trump is crazy or not. That’s where the focus ought to me.


This is great. Each response by Trump just confirms the diagnosis. George has tickled a sweet spot in the narcissism complex.


Punching down.

Always a losing strategy.


Keep up the good work George!

Seems to me you’re getting under the crazy man’s skin!

If you keep this up, by the time we get to 2020, Trump will look and act like rabid coon that desperately needs to be destroyed!


I looked up “no shame” in the dictionary


Playing him like a cheap violin


Imagine Trump behind closed doors with Putin. I have to assume the Kremlin has an entire concerto composed before the meeting starts.


This reminds me of Carville Matalin and that always seemed so weird, but I guess because my wife and I are on almost the same page politically. I do know several couples that are polar opposite so probably not all that unusual. Interesting when I googled to get their names Matalin is supposedly now Libertarian which seem even more extreme to me.


So is Mrs. Conway loyal to Donald or to God and her marriage vow?


Maybe, but I think, “the president is fucking crazy” is a far more devastating argument. Yes, his brutality to children at the border is evil and deplorable, but let’s not forget that at any moment he can end mankind. That’s a much bigger deal, so I think Conway is exactly right to focus on the fact that someone with the ability to start a nuclear war is batshit crazy. Even if you’re the type of asshole who has no problem with brown babies in cages, the idea of a crazy person with the nuclear codes ought to be terrifying.


is that a trick question?

the correct answer is mammon.


Say your boss started ranting publicly your spouse was a loser. And your spouse lived with you, and you both represented your marriage to friends, relatives and the rest of the world as a stable, loving relationship you had every intention of maintaining and continuing.

What does it say about you if in the face of all that you appeared before the press and declined to dispute your boss, nor would you explicity affirm your allegiance to your spouse?

Of all the people involved in this little drama I have to say it’s Kellyanne that is the true loser.


Trump this cue from Parscale, almost verbatim.

Where is Parscale in the Mueller investigation? Anyone know?


Maybe if Trump keeps banging the drum about this it’ll become more widely known that in fact Conway is quite successful in his profession, he and Kellyanne have four kids and it’s evidently their first and only marriage, is that even allowed? And he’s probably had a positive net worth his whole life, lived within his means, all that. And his criticisms just put the notion of presidential insanity more prominently in the public conversation. He and Kellyanne seem to have an understanding about this Trump business, so Trump’s best move would be to STFU. WILL HE DO IT? Stay tuned! :laughing:


You know, a person who works for Trump sells her soul, and Trump is always poking in the crevices to be sure they didn’t hide away even a morsel of it. Kellyanne will now be required to live with the shame of saying nothing against the man who savages her husband who is also the father of her children.




Absolutely. Being more loyal to your boss than your husband of 18 years is a really awful look.


In other words, they all deserve each other, the whole stinking lot. I have zero empathy for any of them. It’s like if Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot got into a fight. The best outcome is if they kill each other…