Discussion: Trump Crows About Deal Reached With Mexico, Suspending His Tariff Threat

He created the problem, then he came to the rescue the situation. I did stock up on avocados and guacamole, they won’t go to waste.


And of course when the first judge blocks him from kicking people out of the country who have made it to American soil, he’s gonna shit bricks on twitter.


“This is being done to greatly reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States. Details of the agreement will be released shortly by the State Department. Thank you!”

As soon as someone can make up some details of an “agreement” that won;t do squat. Fuck you!


I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico.

5 will get you 10 that this is total BS. Mexico probably said they’d send some of their troops to the border not specifying how many or how long they’d stay. In addition, Rethug Senators told Rump expect a veto override within days if the tariffs didn’t go away.

And, whaddya know? They went away.


Party at susanintheoc’s! Anyway who didn’t see this coming, with the real GOP powers harrumphing that little Donnie should stop splashing in the koi pond and chasing the ocelot and settle down and behave his spoiled-ass self since it was almost dinner time. So at the first harrumph he did what he—everyone?—ALWAYS DOES.




I very distinctly recall that POTUS declared those tariffs on Mexico would cause U.S. companies to move production back to the U.S. Huh, wonder what happened?


Since the negotiation was so successful, why not hit the steel while it’s hot and ask Mexico to pay for the wall?


And I’ll bet a thousand bucks to your nickel Mexico doesn’t do a damn thing. Just saying they’ll do anything is, they know, enough of a bone. They could have worked that out on their fingers if Kim Jong-un hadn’t already clearly shown it. Throw him a bone—a verbal, meaningless bone—and that’s enough. Pathetic.


Create a crisis (or “emergency” fence military painting) threaten another country/group/individual, conduct secret negotiations, and waa-laa! Declare absolute and complete victory. Rinse and repeat. Next!

The stupid thing is, this is what the local Joes around here have been saying since day 1. Instead of throwing billions at Wall, give the money to originating nations for border security, economic help, etc.
I am sure there is a US financial sweetener to Mexico in the “deal”.


There is something fishy… the Mexican “national guard” is a body that does not exist, it was anti-constitutional, they voted an amendment to allow it’s creation but has not been recruited and trained yet. So this seems like a common Mexican attitude of agreeing to something but being vague about when it’s going to happen. (“Tell them yes, but do not tell them when”, “Diles que sí, pero no les digas cuando” ).

I have the feeling that Trump realized that he had screwed up, and just wanted anything from the Mexicans to save face.


Screaming his lies now to the base


Not enough immigrant labor to fill all of those jobs. They have to stay there because we won’t let those workers into the US. We have to cut SS, too, because not enough workers paying in to keep it solvent. This could all be solved with tariffs on Mexico.

Create a problem, inflate a problem, do nothing and INSIST DAMMIT that you solved it.


He’s shouting at the rose bushes?


The first rule (and maybe only rule) of the Republican Party is you don’t interfere with billionaire fat cats from making money.


Yes. That is the core truth. There is no deal. There is nothing in this for farmers. This is brazen lying.


Sorry, didn’t see your post.


Trump starts a crisis, then threatens, declares victory!! Wash. Rinse. And repeat

It was obvious from the market rising about a thousand points in the last three trading sessions (prior to his announcement) that the tariffs were never going to go into place.
I’m sure some nice profits were booked by some and losses incurred by others.