Discussion: Trump: Collins' Speech On Support For Kavanaugh Was 'From The Heart'

Trump’s ‘from the heart’ remark makes it a dead cert that she didn’t write it. Who is constructing and writing the public statements? We don’t know and may never.



And if The Pain From Maine wrote that speech then I’m Catherine the Great. FUCK YOU TOO, COLLINS, you dishonest, hypocritical, shriveled on old prune.

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Trump may be right. Collins may have internalized the self- loathing of many Republican women. She may truly have believed in her heart the short version of her speech: Bitch gotta be lying.

Their new goal is $4 million.

I hope they do something similar for Lisa Murkowski - the last Republican with a shred of integrity left in Congress. Perhaps she’ll be willing to declare herself an independent and caucus with the Democrats?


Lisa Murkowski may be the sole exception. I don’t always agree with her politics, but I do respect her decision to vote against Kavanaugh.

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You may think ABC are the first three letters of the alphabet but they’re not anymore.

One hundred women from Alaska flew to D.C. (4,000 miles) to lobby Murkowski and she met and listened to them. We have to prop them and Murk up since orange moron has announced a vendetta against her.

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January 19, 2019.

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Collins wrote this herself.

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Of course there’s that one, but one before that.

And I don’t understand the ABC reference.

Fuck her. She’s toast.

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Anybody But Collins.

Duh. Thanks.

I told one of my kick ass lawyer friends about the fund and then she donated, too. I then asked her if she wanted to move to Maine and run, but she just laughed and said she’d be my campaign manager if I wanted to move there.

Susan Rice would be great.

Just a quick update - the people raising funds for Collins challenger have capped the amount at $3.2 million. Any additional funds will be provided to actblue to support Democrats running for election this November.

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