Discussion: Trump As Uneven Ally For GOP Tests If It Can Pass Major Legislation This Year

“Literally, if they can’t do this, they can’t do anything,” said Tim Pawlenty,

I’ve got a sawbuck on ‘can’t do anything’.


Pawlenty appears to be trying to get back in the game. I hear he is eyeing another run at the governor’s seat in MN.

But the big miss in this article it seems to me, is that Trump is a major drag on tax legislation because he benefits waaaaay to much personally from these tax cuts. And he reopens the subject of his refusal to release his tax returns.

He is not the guy you want to be the poster child for cutting taxes on the rich. And that’s a real problem for the GOP on this topic. (They have many, many more, too).


Watch me pull a Tax cut for millionaires out of my hat!


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In the past they’ve never cared about the optics — they just lie – but they’ve never had a DJT type rich and secretive guy leading on such an issue, either.

I think their biggest problems are,

  1. complete and total policy incompetence. After decades of spending through the tax code, it has become immensely complex and full of mine fields. Kill one tax benefit and risk killing a cottage industry in someone’s state/district.

2.) At least since 86, the GOP has never been able to control their greed. They invariable over-reach in largess to the very wealthy. I think every GOP tax ‘reform’ since 86 has tried to exempt all non-wage/pass through income from any taxation at all. Your point about DJT fits into this.

3.) Within the Freedom Caucus are honest spending hawks who came into office at least in part in response to the wildly crazy spending of the GWB admin. See, i.e. Medicare Part D. They really want offsets no matter how unrealistic that is. They really believe it is possible.

P.S. I should have added a 4th. Paul Ryan.


Good Morning- Are you tired this morning? I know I am.
I am tired of hearing the THIRD FAILED HEALTHCARE repeal and replace effort LIES. Republicans continually lied about what was in it- who would be covered and ended with Lindsey Graham saying " I had no idea what I was doing."
I am tired of the LIES about the Tax Reform Plan- that the US has the highest corporate tax in the world- 35% (with the deductions companies pay an effective tax rate of around 17%). Lies that the tax cut will have companies re-invest in their businesses and increase jobs and wages- this has been tried and failed many times. Lies by the president that it won’t benefit him or the rich. One provision- eliminating the Estate Tax- will save 13 members of his rich cabinet 1.5 billion dollars.
I am tired of Trumps cabinet using government jets to fly all over the place- Price has spent $400000 on flights since May.
I am tired of the presidents attacks on professional athletes- isn’t kneeling more respectful than standing? But that is beside the point- the protest is about inequality and the first amendment rights of freedom of speech.
I could go on…and I’m sure you could too…



Sorry to be a bit OT – but that title?


Someone take a pee break halfway through putting it together and lost the thread? Pure gobbledygook.


Like you,I am so very tired of it all.
Don’t know how the country can continue like this for the next 3 plus yrs.

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I read the article to see if the tittle would make sense. Sometimes it feels like TPM and WaPo are saving money by cutting back on editors.

Yeah, I tried parsing a couple of different variations and came up with a couple which were likely candidates for what was intended. I also write for a living (scientific, so gotta be precise) and basically self-edit. I know they’ve got a lot going on, but not sure that it always requires a second editor – the author should be able to a minimum of proofing (and in particular on the title, as it’s your “come on” to the reader…).

Okay. mini-rant finished.

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I initially skipped the article because of that head line. It is an AP piece, is it their title or TPMs?

That really is the President? I thought it was a cardboard Trump being maneuvered into place for photos with tourists.

You should have seen the first version: Trump As Uneven Ally For GOP Tests Covfefe.

I suspect that it is a TPM headline by someone who read the AP article and that’s what they came away with.


My bet is the AP decided they needed ‘Trump’ ‘uneven’ ‘ally’ in the title for SEO, and the first line of the 2nd graf was originally in the 1st. Heck, I’d bet the original draft of the article opened with something closer to:

Donald Trump has been an uneven — or at best, unpredictable — ally for his party, both on policy and politics. Time and again, Trump has complained about his party as loudly as he vents about Democrats, or shifted his position as Republicans leaned on him for support. The dysfunctional dynamic now stands at the center of Republicans’ last chance this year to prove they can pass major legislation — a sweeping, multitrillion-dollar tax cut that GOP officials believe is crucial to the party maintaining its congressional majority in the midterms.

Nothing underscores this like the latest episode surrounding the President’s plans to go to Indiana on Wednesday. When Trump announced the trip to sell the GOP tax overhaul plan, party leaders cheered his engagement on the high-stakes issue. When the White House said one of Trump’s traveling companions would be Indiana’s Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly — a top target in next year’s midterm elections — the hopes turned to head-smacking disbelief.

Alternate headline:
Trump’s Erratic Loyalty Tests GOP Ability To Pass Major Legislation’.

I don’t see how TPM could save money by cutting back on editors because as far as I can see they don’t have any. If it gets past the spell checker, it’s good to go.

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“Literally, if they can’t do this, they can’t do anything,” said Tim Pawlenty, the former Republican governor of Minnesota and head of the Financial Services Roundtable, a bank lobbying group. Trump is a constructive force in the effort, Pawlenty said, “if he can stay focused and stay on message.”

Emphasis mine

Translation: “We’re fucked,” said Tim Pawlenty…

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Better, still a little sticky (tests can be read as a noun - as in loyalty tests), but I tried and can’t come up with anything better that doesn’t get really long

Maybe ‘Erratic Trump Puts GOP Legislators To The Test’.

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