Discussion: Trump Admits Cruz Birth Attack Came Because 'He Is Doing A Little Bit Better'

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Well, that’s a no brainer. The Obama birther stuff did not start until he was a threat to Hillary (some of her supporters started it), and then when he was kicking Republican butt the Republicans ran with it…and still do… Had Obama or Cruz not been running for President and polling high, you hear none of this of course

Cruz is picking up some Carson dead weight so the birther thing begins and that will cause a slow trickle away from Cruz, so most likely a net zero in the end.

This isn’t a birther attack either, it’s an eligibility thing. Cruz’s citizenship is in tact, his qualifications to be President are the issue and that seems like a fair question that in all fairness, ought to be proven one way or the other.


Cruz’s ‘Natural-Born Citizen’ Status Tested in Birther Suit