Discussion: Trump Admin: More Than A Third Of Migrant Children 'Ineligible' For Reunification


So they have placed that 1/3 with “fosters”. Additionally they have no plans to retrieve the servants/slaves from those “fine white” people.


I really hope the judge comes down hard and puts Azar and other top people in jail for contempt until there is full compliance.


The most charitable explanation of “needs further evaluation” is “we haven’t done the work that we are mandated by law to do”. The absolute most charitable.


Return the kidnapped children. Where are the children? Any waived rights by parents need to be investigated because I bet you there was blackmail involved in any agreements signed or people could have signed their rights away without knowing what they were signing.


Those 37 case about which no data was given. Are those the ones we’re something terrible has happened?


I only know my stomach dropped when I saw that number.


Heart breaking.

In case anyone missed this article from yesterday - interviews with detained children:


Given their actions in criminalizing attempted entry into the US, that could account for at least some of the ‘prohibitive criminal activity.’ In any event, parents with criminal histories are not automatically deprived of custody. For the waivers, that probably can be attributed to the documents offered the parents in which their choice was immediate deportation or waiving reunification. And the largest number are either lost in the ether or they have been unable to manufacture a rationale.
I hope the judge stomps them.


At the very, very least they’ve got math problems.

“On Monday, an HHS official took the witness stand and revealed under questioning that the administration has not been able to identify the parents of 71 children. There is no reference to that group in Thursday’s filing.”


Isn’t that something!?

The hugely criminal and openly abusive TRussia administration -which kidnapped several thousand kids, drugged them, forced them to live & sleep in dog kennels, and fed them -literally- rotten food! . . . is accusing these kid’s refugee parents of “having criminal records and/or being so abusive they can’t get back their children” kidnapped by TRussia.

How I hate Trump and his goons. I thought I loathed and despised Bush2 & Cheney, but that was just practice for how I feel about TRussia. There isn’t a crime known to mankind that he hasn’t or would not commit. Undiluted Evil.

There is no emoticon that can express my feelings about this.


And I’m sure their “fosters” have not been vetted for criminal backgrounds or likelihood of being abusive.


Those 37 case about which no data was given. Are those the ones we’re something terrible has happened?

I’m sure they are. In all accuracy, something terrible has happened to every one of these 2,551 children as a result of this mal-administration.


They are ineligible because, they don’t know where they are and even if they do, they lost track of where they got them from. Besides they have the right blood type and RH so that makes them valuable as organ donors at Erik, Ivanka and Don Jr’s chop shop.


Except for the most extreme cases, a criminal record is a cruel pretext, not a reason, for taking a child away from its parents.


How many of these kids wound up being trafficked? Did trump or any of his administration or any other family members or known associates benefit financially from family separation? One of Putin’s BFF’s is a notorious kid-smuggler—was this discussed at all during their private dealings? What if any agreements were reached? We need answers. Whatever lies trump is telling, invariably they are just a cover for far darker, dirtier and more nefarious lies.



Feature, not a bug.

Forty percent of the children are ineligible, not “more than a third.”

Why is that important? Because if you know the number of children separated, and multiply that by 0.40, you get the actual number of children declared ineligible and not to be rejoined with their parents. That’s important because the actual number of children involved is large.

This may seem like a quibble, but I don’t think it is. Let’s smarten up the conversation, not dumb it down. It’s easier to understand a situation and act accordingly if you know exactly what you’re dealing with. This imprecision infests our society and contributed to the rise of Trump and his radically stupid and ignorant base of support.


F**k this administration and EVERYONE involved in implementing this cruel law.
I hate these people and what America is becoming under their inhuman and corrupt government.
I hope for the cruelest and most painfully drawn out death to ALL of them for what they are doing but specially, what they have done to these kids.


What do you mean “cleared for reunification?” God how much Nazier are y’all going to get?

These are their children which automatically “clears them for reunification.”