Discussion: Trey Gowdy Bashes Other GOP-Led Benghazi Investigations To Defend His Own

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“Even after an Accountability Review Board and half a dozen congressional investigations, these and other questions still lingered.”

Teatroll Rosetta Stone: "“Even after an Accountability Review Board and half a dozen congressional investigations we still didn’t like the answers, because they weren’t what we wanted them to be.”

And Gowdy is well aware that the act of interviewing or deposing someone doesn’t make them a key witness. He’s engaged in circular logic on that score. You can interview all the people you want who have no insight or answers or relevant information…and there’s some indication that’s precisely what these goofs did to provide him with this very argument.


“Madame Secretary, under penalty of perjury, what is in your sock drawer?”

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granny panties or g-strings?

“If those investigations were serious and thorough, how did they miss Secretary Clinton’s emails?” Gowdy continued on Thursday. “If those previous congressional investigations were serious and thorough, why did they fail to interview dozens of key State Department witnesses including agents on the ground, who experienced the terrorist attacks firsthand?”

These questions are only relevant if the interview reveals pertinent information that changes something. Otherwise you’re just admitting that you wasted additional resources to gain no further pertinent knowledge.

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Shorter Gowdy: If those previous investigations were so thorough, how come they didn’t bring down Hillary’s poll numbers?


Trey Looking more Zippy than ever “That’s my last straw and I’m grasping it”


ewwwwwwwww…way TMI…lol

To paraphrase Hamlet: “What piece of work is this man.”

You tell US, Trey…after all you were on some of those committees…however, many millions and three years later you have to pretend THIS is the definitive one!

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And the MOST important failure of those earlier investigations is that they ended and published their findings BEFORE October 2016!


…and how much has been spent on Gowdy’s many little dirt digging expeditions?

And one answer is

Because they weren’t as hell-bent to make this about hoped for politically useful cudgels against Clinton who had not yet announced and running a campaign to be POTUS for starters.

11:40 ish - Hillary is destroying this Repub woman from Alabama who wrongly alleged some emails were from her staff. Pro v. Amateur.


haha…I wish I could watch this but I’m at work :frowning:

Trust me, it does not matter what happens at this hearing. Righwingers will still hate the Clintons and if she is elected President they will do everything they can from day one to bring her down. After 6 hours of testimony today Foxnews will air the 3 seconds Clinton laughed (out of exasperation) over and over again. I guarantee it.


Saw that and loved it. Roby was visibly angry and sweating as she tried and tried to score a point and failed over and over.

Clinton was polite and kind in a “bless her little heart” style answering her.


Chairman just carped at Mr. Smith…Lord, amateur hour.

The resemblance is remarkable.