Discussion: Trevor Noah Remains Skeptical Of Ben Carson's Violent Past (VIDEO)

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It’s all about being the toughest mofo in the race. Carson - “I was NOT a nerd! I was a badass - I stabbed someone, and tried to kill my mother!” Rubio - “Oh, yeah? Well my dad was Castro’s right hand man! He overthrew Batista single-handedly!” Bush - “You wimps got nothin’ - I eat nails before breakfast!”

Any resemblance to a bunch of five-year-olds on a playground is not the least bit coincidental.


Trevor Noah is getting more relaxed and is taking command of his show. At first was not sure of him, but I think he is doing a really good job. The writing is still top notch.


How right you are. Mr. Noah is finding his own voice. He definitely has something on which to build.


Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
I once was lost and now I’m found

They write hymns about me, I’m so converted.


Note, Carson’s so called victims are all relatives, none of whom are likely to speak against him.

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…and T-Rump sings Amazing Tweet how sweet the sound

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