Discussion: Trevor Noah On Flint Water: 'If Water Is Browner Than Me, I Don't Drink It' (VIDEO)

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Republican governors are hazardous to your health.

Arrest Rick Snyder.


It must be bad, because the Ann Arbor News and various columnists are very critical of Snyder’s failure to act sooner. He just announced that the water has sickened 87 people (so far), and 10 people have died as a result of bacteria, although claims are that the connection to the water is unclear.

Of course, being a republican, that’s not the only issue that he’s taking heat for:

Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or someone who doesn’t give a rat’s patoot about the ugly game of politics, this has been one lousy, dispiriting week to be a citizen of Michigan.

It began with Senate Bill 571, a campaign finance bill that, as many read it, prohibits schools, municipalities and libraries from providing information to voters about upcoming ballot issues within 60 days of a vote.

Can you imagine? People already don’t turn out to vote, and when they do they often don’t know much about what they’re voting on. And yet our state government seemingly wants them to know even less.

How discouraging is that?

The bill, by the way, was so overly broad that even the Detroit News and a few Republicans who voted for it initially were asking the governor not to sign in. And yet he did anyway.

School districts and city councils around the state contacted Snyder to voice their disapproval.
But since republicans get where they are because “ignorance is bliss,” Snyder let it go through.


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It truly is.