Discussion: Trent Lott: Mississippi GOP May Need Leadership Change

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Do they call that Leadership position Grand Dragon or Wizard…I forget???


Next up:

Draft Zombie Reagan movement gains traction…


Divine Cyclops.


Trent fucking Lott?


Reagan could not win nomination in today’s Republican Party.

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Trent Lott hinting at a scumback!



Yes, but Zombie Reagan is a shoo-in!


hey lott why dont you just say hey Im for any republicon no matter what a dispicable piece of crap they are…

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Just Mississippi?! Think again!

The need goes beyond the borders of Mississippi.

Basically, they’re battling it out among candidates with the same positions on everything, except one side is marginally more polite about it.
Their problem isn’t leadership. The GOP has excellent leadership. Better than the Dems. Their positions are clear, their message discipline is quite well policed, their people know what they’re supposed to do and say. As a result, the greatest strength of the Right is that for the most part, they’re all on the same page and they work together. Like the Borg.

If the Ds could do that, there wouldn’t be anything left of the GOP but a greasy spot and a couple of campaign buttons.

Wasn’t Trent Lott the guy who was the Republican Majority leader in the Senate who left in disgrace because he was repeatedly involved with extreme white supremacist hate groups while Majority leader? I cannot believe that this disgustful piece of vermin would crawl out of the sewer again.

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No, Reagan would be leading the Tea Party if he was here. Think about it. He wanted to abolish both Medicare and Social Security, he had a hatred of unions and wanted them abolished, he gave huge tax cuts to the rich, gave massive amounts of tax money to the military, invaded countries that were absolutely no threat to America, made the Federal government larger, took us from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation, and doubled the amount of the debt. Sounds pretty teabaggerish to me.

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It is a sign that God truly is merciful that Trent Lott is still alive.
This piece of human feces should have answered for his consistant hate speech long ago.

Supreme Strom Stroker.

Also, Ole Miss Oo-Oo Oxymoronic Opacity - to wit: Ole Miss Law grad and cheerleader.


I think you’re granting the Great Grifting Communicator waaaay too much credit for ‘leadership’, to say nothing about ‘thought’.

Reagan was at core a hacktor. If soaps were big enough around the time he got his ‘big break’ out of the minimum security prison of his moribund B Hollywood career, thru starring as chief betraying Hollywood fink on the HUAC, and there’d been any sort of opening for ‘over-acting addled father/uncle figure’, I’m not at all sure he’d have been open to being recruited into the acting role of political figurehead leader.

God that Speech was such tiresome American nihilist bullshit.

I say they should tap Willard M. Romney to lead Miss-i-pippi boldly into the 1820s!

Come on Trent, tell us how Strom Thurmond would handle it.

Hope Lott’s wrong. How wonderful to have a democratic senator from MS…