Discussion: Topless Texan Explains Why She Plans To Keep Confronting Gun Activists

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I like how these bozos screamed that someone just HAD to be paying Masters to show her boobs.


I hope many thousands of boobs are unleashed from their bindings in the coming months.


While this isn’t really a “style” of protest that I would be personally comfortable with, it is no more ridiculous than bringing a gun to the toy department of a Target - and MUCH, MUCH safer.


I am not too sure about safer, my wife recalls the time she was simply walking down a major street and a man ended up wreaking his truck because he was paying entirely too much attention to her and not the road.

With ammosexuals around, the ladies should be careful not to be too near the roadways, less one or more of the ammosexuals happen to be driving by and get “distracted”…


Way to humblebrag :smile:


She’s got a point- it is outrageous that there are people in the world who think that naked breasts are an affront to polite society, while carrying around a loaded gun is engaging in civil discourse.

Go figure.


Let me get this straight. If they open-carry protest in Texas, they get to see free boobs?

Not sure I see the disincentive??

I spent a week at the “Rainbow Family Gathering” one summer quite a few years back. It’s funny how topless or nudity in general, after the initial shock wears off, becomes so … normal. After a day or two it just seemed to lose all the titillation associated with it and just seemed like what it was, the way nature intended us to be. By the time I left and went back to civilization I was a little upset that the world at large wasn’t clothing optional.


I think it’s not so much “people in the world” as “only in America” sort of thing.

Although some regressive Islamic societies might have similar relative stances to guns vs. boobs.

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True. I have yet to read a story about someone being killed by an accident with a boob.

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My new favorite line ever!

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The point they’re trying to make, of course, is that there’s a difference between “rights” and “boundaries.”

Now I can get behind that kind of “open carry”.

She brought a pair of thirty-eights, they brought a gun.

These open carry breasts ladies are wonderful. Their protest worked. The open carry guns guys were butt hurt and upset and heartily laughed at.
Were I in Austin I would join these ladies, remove my breast holster, bare my 72yo 42DD breasts and sling them casually over my chest and stomach. Open carry guns meet open carry breasts. Lets talk about rights and fears, discomfort and disrespect, carelessness and accidents.

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Safer? I’m not so sure. Didn’t Woody Allen get chased and killed by a giant marauding breast in “Everything You Wanted to Know…?”

I’d be worried about the wrong sort of premature discharge.