Discussion: Top Trump Aide: Remark That Trump Playing Role Was 'Taken Out Of Context'

Translated: Just forget that I told the truth.


Question: How does one etch-a-sketch an etch-a-sketch moment?

Answer: oh so very poorly.

Glad to see Trump’s new savior is off to the expected flat-footed start.


Sounds like it was to me. Yup. Like the other day. I parked in the Publix lot and a woman told me “you can’t park there” so I asked if she was a Cop. She said no and I said…"Oh…your just an authoritarian nobody…go fuck yourself with a pipe wrench. " She went inside and told the store manager and he asked me what went down. I said…“She must’ve taken my remarks out of context” and all was well.


Gee, a republican doing a walkback. What a shocker!


Gee, Paul…seems your truth telling behind closed doors was taped…Hardly out of contextt…Try again spin doctor…Your candidate is an atrocious liar and cheat…crude and venal and out of control…Just like Assad of Syria…if elected…

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Okay, here’s how we play this game: I’m going to tell you two directly contradictory statements and you guess which time I’m lying. Ready?


Heh, heh, heh. (rubs hands together gleefully)

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I think I will try that. – “it was taken out of context”

Remember folks, anything and everything said by tRump or tRump staffer is subject to clarification at a later date and/or time. EVERYTHING, even if there is a recording of it!


Worst. Use. Of. “I was taken out of context.” Ever.


Somebody should give this good Ol’ boy a quick course in new techology:

“Teacher: …and a videocam may be hidden in a phone !
Manafort ‘Oh No, we are doomed’…”

Question: How do you evolve The Donald’s campaign without evolving The Donald?


You can’t believe a thing I say…on tape or here in person.

The image Trump has been projecting onto that cave wall is the ideal form of the con artist.

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At first he was afraid he would win this thing and now he’s afraid he will lose it. If he becomes just another GOP loser, he may just end up like Palin…which is who he really is anyways?

The Donald has boxed himself into a insane conservative corner. It’s rigged and unfair for a Top 1%er to have to deal with any of this shit. The WWE was much more predictable and rewarding.

There is spinning, then here is spinning out of control.
This was one twist too many and now nobody has a clue wtf is going on.

Maybe Manafort really said, ‘Tune Trump Out’ I got this.

Didn’t Romney try a walk-back of the 47%. That was pretty bad… How long does it take to realize there is no “private meeting” any more?

Dont forget to spay/neuter your spox-hound.

“Taken out of context” is the new “dog ate my homework”.