Discussion: Top Senate Intel Dem Savages Twitter For 'Inadequate' Presentation To Staff

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Sen. Warner is just finding out why a lot of folks won’t buy Twitter stock.
Management is, well, less than forthcoming.
They, apparently, have theirs.


It’s amazing that so many “Patriotic” Americans really don’t give a shit about Russian influence in our elections, but then they’ve got theirs (the Orange Bloviator).


Back in the day, when Microsoft still had actual employees, it wasn’t unusual to see people in the halls and in meetings with FYIV* buttons.

*F#ck You I’m Vested

If [Americans] don’t know whether ad sponsorship is coming from foreign governments or foreign agents, or if stories are popping up not because there is genuine interest from Americans, but it is being sponsored by foreign entities, I think Americans are going to want to know that

There’s a giant loophole in all of this discussion about the Russian ads.

As far as I can tell:
– you don’t need to be a US citizen to form a corporation
– the corporation formed by non-citizens can be funded by non-US money
– unlimited amounts of that money can be donated to a non-profit
– the non-profit is not required to reveal the identity of its donors
– the non-profit can donate unlimited amounts of its money to super-PACs.

In other words, there is a legal super-highway for funneling money from foreign interests into political contests. Meanwhile, a candidate will get in trouble if a non-citizen goes to the campaign website and buys a t-shirt.


relax. they’re hemoraging cash. they’ll be out of business soon enough.

no. they didn’t.

In time, Uber shall become a term of contempt and profanity

Both Paul Manafort and Donald Trump “saw racial tensions as something to be exploited in order to achieve the broader [] goal of dividing Americans and creating chaos in U.S. politics during a campaign in which race repeatedly became an issue.”

“I am more than a bit surprised, in light of all the public interest in this subject over the last few weeks, that anyone from the Twitter team would think that the presentation they made to the Senate staff today even began to answer the kind of questions that we’d asked,” Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) told reporters.

Well, there are only so many questions that you can answer with a 140-character presentation.


Citation(s) please.

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There will be a structured buyout before they’re ever “out of business”. Hard to see how a company with increased revenue and growth over the last 5 years with a 12 billion market cap will be out of business anytime soon. If current management can’t get their R&D spending under control, they’ll be taken over by someone that can.

For what the product is, there’s absolutely no reason why they need to spend so much of revenue on R&D to keep pace with growth. They could be handsomely profitable with better budgetary decision making.

Has TPM determined whether any accounts here are Russian troll accounts?


“urban legend”

Twitter & Facebook must establish a rule that ads must list accurately the sponsor’s name and home city. Failure to provide that info means they get no ad space. All info must be verified prior to 1st ad running. If incorrect info is presented, 90-day ban and correct, verified info must be certified prior to placement. 2nd offense earns a blacklist position. It takes me longer to type this than it would take an advertising super-computer to track the correct information. And this type of information is the same type required of television advertisements.