Discussion: Top House GOPer Lists 'Valley Forge Americans' Who Would Make Good Speaker

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I’m confused. Are “Valley Forge Americans” the ones who did or or the ones who didn’t survive that winter?


¨Valley Forge Americans¨?


Maybe Donner Party Americans?


To be sure, let’s put their feet to the fire.
I say, send them shoe-less to Penna from Thanksgiving to Groundhog Day and see who rises to the occasion. Boehner can cover until this crucial test is complete.


They’re from states not remotely near Valley Forge, who’ve never served even one day in any branch of the military, and have never suffered even a paper cut in the service of their country, or state, or any cause.

But there was this one time … a late delivery of fresh coastal seafood to the Congressional dining room kitchen meant a couple of these dudes may have had to wait up to 15 even 20 additional 20 minutes at their tables before learning of the Catch du jour and how the head chef decided to present it. The horror … the horror …


Because the old fossils that Franks is catering to vote, here we are.

If those younger did so, Franks would be a Twitterin’ on Social Media.

In a system of government in which ELECTION determines position held. Those who vote get listened to.

The Old Fossils know THAT.


Did the reporter not bother to ask him what the heck he meant by Valley Forge Americans?

It’s amazing the lack of ability by reporters to fashion a follow up question.


I give you…Bugs Bunny’s impression of a Republican giving a presser.


Maybe “Valley Forge Americans” only means the kind of Tea Party douches who dress up in 18th-century garb and walk around waving Gadsden flags looking like the idiots they are. If they tried to tell the actual people encamped that winter at Valley Forge what sort of illusory tyranny they were whining about they’d get a bunch of horselaughs right in their faces.


I think I may have posted this link before, but in my state of AZ, which is known for some world-class, weird-ass politicians. Franks is one of the weirdest. So a little background:

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks is the John Coltrane of Congress. He’s managed to spend the past decade in Washington playing but one note: an extreme take on abortion.

He may be the country’s most irrelevant congressman, passing exactly zero of the 45 bills he’s sponsored. Few have been taken seriously enough to even merit a vote.

As Frank sees it, his job isn’t to move America forward. It’s to talk, talk, and talk some more about abortion.

“Abortion has been his one and only issue,” says Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Frank Camacho. “That’s his main claim to fame.”

More recently:

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), who co-chairs the caucus, was even bolder, calling the pontiff’s position into question on Biblical grounds.

“He’s a religious figure and he has every right to have his political viewpoint, but someone of that profile should have strong scriptural foundation for whatever positions he takes that are extensively representing the head of the Catholic Church,” Franks said. “I think this is probably one he should not have expressed.”

Guy’s a major fruitcake.


Oh, you mean morans?


Did anybody else notice the other strange thing that is happening?

It is Friday and the Republican House is still in Washington!

Just shows you where their priorities are… when the county is in trouble and about to lose its credit rating or renege on its debt they all beat feet out of D.C. on Thursday night. (or sooner) When their dysfunctional caucus needs them, they stick around.


More like Appomattox Courthouse Republicans


I am all for it. It’d be like Republican Survivor. I’ll even be generous, and let them use those cabins that are still there for shelter.


We could use some ‘Drafting the Constitution’ Americans but what we have are ‘Tea Pot Dome’ Americans.


I’m pretty sure some of the guys who starved at Valley Forge would be better than that list, even today. As Republicans drive us to banana republic status, at least we’ll have the comedy factor, kind of like the band on the Titanic.


Are those the Americans who were rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as it was going down?

Yeah, they sound PERFECT for the job!


I’m confused by their apparent belief that Ryan would be more tender and tasty than this other guys. Yeah, he’s younger, but all that gym nonsense means he’ll be unfit for roasting and will need hours and hours of braising.


WTF?? Can they carve themselves any finer and, of course, any more patriotically? [eye roll and roll and roll … 'k, I’m dizzy]