Discussion: Tom Cotton Pivots In Arkansas Senate Race

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This will last about a week.


And Larry Sabato still has Arkansas as a GOP Senate pickup.

Of course Larry Sabato predicts Cotton will win, he’s a Republican masquerading as a political scientist. A professional political whore for the Powers that Be.

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Forget “Folksy” Tom, Try “Benghazi” instead.

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Must be REALLY tough if a politician is going positive – true desperation on display. But, of course, going positive means “I love my dad” – not “here are some creative new ideas for solving our national problems.” That wouldn’t count as positive. That would have to be considered truly bizarre.

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Sabato has the republicans picking up something like 10-11 seats in the Senate. In his view, if a republican candidate is running, he is likely to win.

A more realistic view is moving their magical 6 seats out of reach. They have SD,WV and MT. They are struggling in AR and AK. LA and NC are on the bubble. And they have serious concerns about holding KY and GA. So we are looking at them gaining 1-5 seats at this point. My own personal guess is a net gain of 3 seats.

Yeah. How about all that bragging you did about your voting record that has been scrubbed from your websites?

He’s a mean-spirited CON, who surely has had his a ** kicked many times. He’s a weasel.

What he is, is the kind of Army officer who’d have been fragged 45 years ago for being a danger to his men.