Discussion: Tim LaHaye, Author Of 'Left Behind' Rapture Novels Dead At 90

Obligatory plug for the Slactivist blog, whose author, Fred Clark, an evangelical Christian of the best kind, has spent years expertly taking down Tim LaHaye specifically, and anti-Jesus rightwing “Christians” in general. His chapter-by-chapter critique the Left Behind novels, both in terms of theology and literary merit (or lack thereof), is brilliant.

Here’s his comment on the passing of LaHaye, an event which disproves everything Timmy himself claimed was true while bilking millions from people who he convinced to believe his particular brand of bullshit.

I tried reading the first book in the series since they were all the rage when first published, but couldn’t get through it. I could deal with the right wing theology – you knew that going into it – but the writing was sophomoric at best with one dimensional characters and shoddy plotting.