Discussion: Tillerson, Mattis Insist Military Options Remain For North Korea

A military option is on the table!
Then it’s not!
Then it is!
Then it’s not!
Then it is!
Then it’s not!
Then it’s under the table!
Then it’s out the door.
Then my poor meatball was nothing but mush.

Use 'em or lose 'em.

Tip of the hat to “The Missile Dick Chicks”

This meeting of the Donnie Double Secret Probation War Council may explain why draft dodging Donnie is so anxious to take a hands-on role with the NorKo’s.

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Ugh, I agree with Bannon on something. Now I need to find some battery acid to bath in…

Did anyone refute Bannon’s cockamamie idea of withdrawing all our troops from the Korean peninsula in return for China promising to de-nuclearise the North? I know the ambassador didn’t because we still don’t have one in Seoul.

TPM…I’m a combat vet and I’d like to make something very fucking clear to you. Japan does not host 50K “forces”. It hosts 50K American military PEOPLE. They are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. They are women and men. That fucking “forces” crap was Bush bullshit intended to dehumanize our military PEOPLE so that their deaths would not hit so hard. It was a way to avoid saying 50K people because people can die and we understand that. They are living breathing people. Alive now. They have families…loved ones and dreams. If it’s forces you want get a 101 book on classical physics. Please…do not DEHUMANIZE the flesh and blood that serves in our military.

How many wars are Republicans going to lose before they realize that it’s not worth it? Trump’s Best and Brightest nitwits are going to get us all killed and set this planet hurling toward the sun.