Discussion: This Rebuke Of POTUS Policing Remarks Resonates Because Of The Source

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“It is the acting head of the DEA, not either the attorney general or the deputy attorney general, who has had the guts to say semi-publicly what everyone knows to be true: that President’s Trump’s approach to law enforcement is dangerous.”

The attorney general and the deputy attorney general have neither the guts nor the cojones to say it.


Hitler made jokes too.


Has anyone is a position of authority echoed Donnie’s madness?


If Wittes is surprised by this he hasn’t been paying attention


I’m very grateful that the top law enforcement officer in the land, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, echoed the sentiments of DEA chief Rosenberg as well as many police chiefs coast-to-coast in his full-throated condemnation of “the joke” in his speech to the 41st Annual National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Training Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta today.

Oh, wait. He didn’t. In fact, he didn’t even mention it.

Probably an oversight.

[source: https://www.justice.gov/opa/speech/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-delivers-remarks-41st-annual-national-organization-black]


Finally a man of integrity. Duly noted.


Although he did take the very unusual (for him) step of acknowledging, unprompted, that there did exist such a thing as a “bad officer” here and there.

Cracks are showing in the most unexpected of places. Small ones, granted.


When Trump spoke to the Suffolk County police officers you figure someone at the advance team would have seen this recent history of the department.
A chief of police literally beating a suspect with a bag of rubber dicks and other erotic implements would have been flagged and have the event rescheduled for another department.
A sane administration would have called this out while at the same time backing up the honorable members of the department and law enforcement.


Perhaps when they perp-march Donnie off to jail, he’ll appreciate that they didn’t beat the living tar out of him. Nah, he’s not bright enough to make that connection.


How does Blue Lives Matter, a rank-and-file countermovement of police officers nationwide, manage to blame “the media” for misinterpreting Trump’s so-called “joke” about physically abusing handcuffed prisoners, while police and prosecutorial officials across the nation condemned Trump’s comments as “inflammatory.”

They didn’t blame the media for his remarks. They blamed the man who spoke them. So where do these rank-and-file officers get off claiming that the media is at fault for Trump’s repulsive statements? You can disagree with a position without acting like a toddler and suggesting that the claims are a fictional creation of the media.

“Trump’s demagogic charisma is disturbing enough when it excites thirteen-year-olds [like Boy Scouts at the national Jamboree], but it’s cause for full-blown alarm when law enforcement—the only institution in American life authorized to kill citizens—reacts in the same way. In response to Trump’s speech, the Suffolk County Police Department issued a statement declaring that the President’s recommendations were at odds with the department’s procedures, as did the N.Y.P.D., the L.A.P.D., and the International Association of Police Chiefs. The denunciations of Trump’s rhetoric always come in the cooler aftermath of his utterances; in the febrile atmosphere of his rallies, his most anti-democratic statements inspire rapt endorsement.”


A joke…not. Do not be fooled. He was dead serious.


Regarding “joking,” I recommend http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/01/23/how-jokes-won-the-election by Emily Nussbaum.

"He also broke with the Obama DOJ in his vigorous enforcement of marijuana crimes, and was widely criticized by legalization advocates for calling medical marijuana a “joke.”

Thanks for not condoning illegal protocol and misconduct by authorities, but how do you rationalize calling medicinal marijuana a joke? I’m sure hundreds of thousands (at least) of patients/citizens do not find it a laughable matter. I vaguely remember him saying this when it happened. It still strikes me as an odd statement. Does he still feel this way?

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Trump is wrong.

So, is tRump going to fire this guy? If he does, it will be because he had the guts to say what everyone knows is true. If he doesn’t, he’ll be showing his yellow streak. Tough choice, Donnie-Boy, but you made your bed.

Our so-called President was making a so-called “joke.”
He and his family need to be escorted to GTMO.
They can tell him they’re all going to Mar Lago and just keep heading an hour or two south as they fly over.
And his Soviet bred sleeper agent mail order wife can go back to Putin’s handlers.