Discussion: 'They Don't Have SUVs On Mars' And More Of Pat Robertson's 'Collected Wisdom'

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Pat puts the old fart back into…well ‘old fart.’

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Funny…but, that “took months” to assemble? Was Pat the editor too?

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How come he didn’t yell ‘get off my lawn!’? He’d be perfect.

All that’s missing is a trailer and a lawn chair.

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Soon Pat will undergo plastic surgery:

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In other words, they showed a typical 700 club show. No need to look through ‘months of clips’.

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I have always hated the fact Robertson and the other ass, Jerry Falwell, hail from the state (or if you’re a stickler about it, the Commonwealth) of Virginia. We already have a high rate of dumb-fucks without these two. That said, Mr. Robertson sure has been good for a lot of laughs in his twilight.

Oh Pat. You’re sooooooo silly !

Seriously, you are going to have field about a hundred thousand or so questions from St. Peter when you get to those Pearly Gates. And then Jesus gets a turn with the bat at you.

Pat is proof that xtianists will believe anything.

And to think this clown was considered POTUS material in right-wing circles back in the day.

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To paraphrase Einstein: The difference between genius and stupid is that genius has limits.

Clearly the clip took quotes out of context and neglected to show the real depravity that Robertson spews over the airwaves. (Seriously, there’s years of his “lesbian arbortionist feminist witches caused 9-11” kind of statements in the archives.). Still, having a mainstream tv show treat that money grubbing hatemonger as a subject of public ridicule is a step in the right direction.

This is the only time I will look and listen to Pat Robertson…