Discussion: 'The Nightly Show' Panel Debunks Myths On Race And Fatherhood (VIDEO)

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Thank God Bobby Brown wasn’t on the panel…

This show is on past my bedtime, but i find the photo of the panel really striking. In all honesty, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a panel of black men is suits sitting around a table discussing important matters of the day. One token black or brown person, sure. Never an entire panel. I feel that’s an indictment not only on the media, but also on myself.

Hateful and racist, just as guilty if not worse of everything whites, compile stats on blacks but not themselves. Why?
If whites weren’t oppressing there wouldn’t be a contrast. There would be human statistics that we all worked on in unity. But noooooooooooo, we have whites playing the blame game and doing all the taking, while simultaneously not giving.

If repression is the answer, then we are totally asking the wrong question.

I have been impressed so far. The shows have been really good and a nice new angle on the issues-comedy thing. I’m glad they didn’t just try to reinvent a Colbert/Stewart type shtick, because the discussion format is working pretty well.


He’s on Hulu (as is the Daily Show), and worth catching up on.