Discussion: The Decision 3.0? Biden To Announce Presidential Decision In 48 Hours

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I really hope the answer is no. I just don’t see what he adds to this race except a pe…Y chromosome. His positions are close to Hillary’s and when they aren’t they are often MORE conservative, not more progressive. Unless he’s going to lean “only Nixon could go to China”, his record with big business is terrible for the average person.


What’ll be the over/under on the number of mentions of the other two failed bids? I’m going to put it at 15.


Since the debate, the only speculation I have seen about him entering the race has come from right wing sources. And at the heart of that speculation is that Biden will keep the email nontroversy alive and thus keep damaging Clinton into the general.

Its a big sign of desperation, because the GOP campaign strategy is based entirely upon Clinton is going to be such a deeply flawed candidate that they can cake walk into the White House with any of their sub par candidates.

And if Biden is taking any of that talk seriously, he needs to have his head examined. Its the right trying to use him as a tool, knowing full well that he will crash and burn and be a laughing stock as he rides off into the sunset.


Despite two failed presidential bids, Joe Biden is currently enjoying a stellar reputation as a highly competent VP, and has a good legacy as a Senator. I don’t think he wants to go out being known as the man who cost the Democrats the White House in 2016.

I think his answer will be no.


at the very least, there’s no point in tuning into msnbc for the next two days. endless speculation is their forte; and judging by the breathless ‘reporting’ this morning, that’s all they will be yammering about until biden makes his fucking decision.


Maybe I’m wrong, but how does this pass for reporting or breaking news? They have an unnamed source claiming that VP Biden “could” make a decision within 48 hours. And that doesn’t even give any information about which way he’d be deciding!

What a joke.


Don’t do it, Joe.

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"Everyone’s been a bit weary about the speculation’’ Harwood said.

And herein lies my frustration, there are a ton of actual facts for journalist to check. Major stories to report on, yet speculation and opinion about the same non-urgent things daily is what we’re getting. Seems familiar, like the non weapons of mass destruction they "reported’’ on.

Couldn’t agree more but I could take 4/8 years of Biden over Hillary. Sanders is what the country needs IMO but unless he starts going after Hillary he’s going to have a harder time competing.

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i think sanders in the introduction phase, because no one knows who the hell he is… and he is focusing on what his priorities are. there’s plenty of time to go after clinton once he’s got that recognition… the teevee appearances are useful for that right now…

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Funny and true at the same time. If Joe says “no” then two days plus weekend “insiders” explaining to us slow-thinkers why a “no” decision. But a “yes” decision will cause hand wringing, fainting spells and soiled pants as the media had the horse race already set up with tedious hair-pulling predictability.

A “yes” from Joe and I’m telling you all right now … sky’s falling sky’s falling!! .


Everyone’s a bit weary about the speculation," Harwood said.

That’s an understatement about what MSNBC has been doing in regards to his candidacy. One consolation if he gets in is that the criticism of HRC voting for the Iraq war can now be directed as Joe as well.

I may have to spike the morning coffee.


This has become tiresome. He shouldn’t run and if he does it doesn’t make a difference who I will vote for. Frankly, I think his indecision and evasions hurt him more than many realize. Who wans someone for President who has taken so long to make up their mind, indecisive to say the least.

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Everyone’s weary except for the media who are praying Joe gets in so they can run more horse race stories.



Up with Kornacki was all over this yesterday with the ever excitable Kristen Welker reporting excitedly from in front of the always calm White House

Has Joe fallen back on Hamlet for guidance and moaning about life’s unfairness? To be president or not to be, that is the question

A neologism. I like it!

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HA! I remember your “analyse this” post the other day about Biden’s vote for war. Was going to respond but then thought better of it. What I was going to say then - out of punching range - was it is easy to make Biden look at least, if not more so, conservative than Clinton. His voting record as senator is far from liberal leaning.

I agree that his answer will be no and we’re just seeing a lazy press corps regurgitating each other’s unfounded rumors. Or perhaps Joe understands that his Senatorial record will be up for scrutiny as is Clinton’s, and what they have in common is voting for the Iraq war.

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I haven’t yet received an analysis. Or better yet, a defense.