Discussion: The Bureau Of Land Management Is Conservatives New Favorite Federal Agency To Hate

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So now taxpayers are supposed to give even more subsidies to beef ranchers? Ranchers are supposed to use public resources without paying and leave the rest of us to help pick up the tab for land reclamation and management? More freeloading for businesses at taxpayer expense? Hypocrisy to a politician is like water to a fish.

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I was hoping Abbot would show his stripes on a few issues like this and give people a chance to see what a terrible candidate for governor he is. Go Greg!

What a drag to be a member of a political party that always has to hate something.

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Well just add that to the list:
the EPA,
the Dept. of Ed.,
the Consumer Financial Protection Agency,
the CDC,
the IRS,
the National Park Service,
the Census Bureau,
the Congressional Budget Office (except when they don’t),
the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Dept.,
the TSA,
Dept. of Labor,
the VA,
the Dept. of Health and Human Services,
the FDA,
the Federal Housing Commission…

I just realized, I could go on and on listing all the agencies, commissions, bureaus, and services in our federal gov’t and most of these good gov’t agencies most working class people rely on are on the no-good, very bad, and horrible list for these same GOoPers. The BLM is just one among the many they’ve gone on a tirade over in the last several years.