Discussion: Texas Will Appeal Ruling Weakening Its Voter ID Law To SCOTUS

The latest poll results scared them. Clinton within 6pts of Trump.

It shouldn’t matter because any results are going to be RIGGED ! …



Do they honestly think SCOTUS will help them with Scalia gone? But then, these vote-suppression politicians have never been the sharpest crayons in the box.

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Those who wish to suppress voters will go to any length to achieve their ends, even desperate acts.

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they’ll lose right now… 4-4 tie means the District Court ruling stands…

apparently the Pony Express hasn’t reached Texas with the news Scalia died and is still dead…

unintended consequences… thanks McTurtle…

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"To protect the integrity of voting in the State of Texas . . . "

Texas has integrity??? I don’t think so, especially when they are working so hard to deny many of their citizens the right to vote. Oh yea, in their view its just “those people.”

Waste of time. The full Fifth Circuit has ruled. Case would only be accepted if there was a chance of 5 votes on SCOTUS to overturn the Fifth. At best there would only be a 4-4 split. A 4-4 split upholds the findings of the en banc Circuit.

Not the District court. Full panel of the Fifth Circuit ruled the law unconstitutional.


I was wondering when Paxton and Abbott were going to join the conversation.

They cannot even get this appeal on the SCOTUS docket without a special vote.

And once they get there, a 4-4 vote split is the least worst of the outcomes for the Texas legislature. I have trouble seeing Kennedy and even Roberts voting against the unanimous 5th Circuit on this, not least because the 5th Circuit is a Republican dominated court, even just among the non-senior court members. So I foresee one of 3 outcomes: no success in getting an emergency hearing, or success and losing, or no success and losing. I really fail to see how Texas can hope for any more support on this than Alito and Thomas AT MOST.