Discussion: Texas, Religious Groups Sue To Block Obama's Transgender Health Regs

“Thank the Lord. We are a delusional nation.”

Rev. Eli von Jenkins

Call your first witness, counsellor.
‘The plaintiffs call to the stand a monkey’
I can’t see how that gets you anywhere, counsellor.
‘It worked in the Scopes trial, Judge!’
Counsellor, no one in the Scopes trial called a monkey to the stand.
‘Wrong, Judge! It’s right here in my high school level legal history text.’
The text is wrong, counsellor.
‘Not in Texas, Judge! The legislature passed a law declaring it correct!’

  • argue that their sovereign power is being infringed upon by the federal regulation.
    In other words “Sovereign Citizens” , who don`t take any notice of the law .
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I know this may upset people more by saying it, but when I read about these hateful POS’s are doing, I wonder how long it will be before these so-called ‘Christians’ demand that people who are gay or transgendered are forced to wear some sort of marking to identify them as being such. And how long after that until they start rounding these people up and putting them in prison camps.

People always wondered how authoritarian leaders are able to do the things they did. All they need to do is look at how so-called ‘religious belief’ can be used as a weapon to take people’s human rights away from them legally, slowly but surely.

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