Discussion: Tennessee Brings Back The Electric Chair

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The developed world (aside from the U.S.) has come to realize the essential barbarity of murdering prisoners. The fact that retrograde U.S. states are unable to obtain lethal injection chemicals through legitimate sources ought to be a wake-up call that it’s time to join the rest of civilization and stop executing people.

The electric chair (you can think of it as a flash-fryer for human bodies) was abandoned, with good reason, years ago. If in 2014 we can’t find a way to commit legal homicide without it turning into torture, then we ought to stop trying.


In any state with the death penalty, the Governor of the state should be the one required to flip-the-switch, push-the-syringe-plungers, or fire-the-bullet.

Of course they’d still have the ability to stay the execution or commute the sentence.

But hows-about they be put to the test of their supposed stances.


Yes, but Tennessee’s retro electric chair will be used for gay marriages not executions…

Yes. And the argument that some crimes are so heinous they demand the death penalty basically means that it’s OK to kill if you’re very angry. But that’s the murderer’s attitude. We shouldn’t emulate it.


What deeply troubles me is the apparent enthusiasm and gusto of these State Governors, especially the red state ones, as they broaden their options to execute prisoners. Yes, some of these prisoners have indeed committed heinous crimes, but what comes across to me as: “We just want to KILL something and if we can’t do it one way, then we’ll do it another way,” attitude of these political “leaders” is downright macabre.

Tennesee, always on the forefront of barbarism…

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Capital punishment is barbaric and must end.

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Anyone who approves of the death penalty should have to watch an execution. That way we can mark down the ones who seem to enjoy it for further study.

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Truly horrific. Such a nice old door, painted such a hideous neon green! And brick veneer??? Where’s the pool table!

It’s simple: are we savages, or are we civilized.

The death penalty says we’re still savages. So, I make sure to inform death penalty supporters of that, as rudely as possible.

Yes, that makes us all FUCKING BARBARIANS. I do not want to be a fucking barbarian, I do not wish to participate in bread and circuses-type entertainment, and i do not get off on watching people fucking die. If you savage barbarians want to do that, go ahead, but leave me out of it.

It’s sad, but there’s some element in this country’s psyche that seems to demand violence as one of the first responses to things. Trouble with another country, moral revulsion at a criminal, we want blood to flow. It would take an unusually brave politician to argue against the death penalty and hope to have a viable campaign. As Plucky says, SMDH.