Discussion: Ted Cruz's 2016 Plan: Court Hispanics, Millennials And Jews

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What about the Cubans and Canadians?


Another Republican “out reach” program doomed to fail.


Cruz’s team directed National Review to internal polling that showed
40 percent of Hispanics in Texas supporting the junior senator from
Texas. The advisers also noted that on social media he’s the most
discussed potential presidential candidate.

Usually in terms of how much a joke he is and just how long the odds are that he’ll ever enter the White House as anything other than a guest. But hey, let’s not sweat the details, right?


Definition of delusion: Ted Cruz wins the Jewish vote. According to the J Street poll, Obama got 70% of the Jewish Vote in 2012, which sounds about right to this old Jewish grandfather. If Hillary runs, she will get upwards of 90% of the Jewish vote. Cruz had better start looking to other ways to break into the Democratic coalition.


He can’t win and will not be supported by the GOP’er machine if he gives the primaries a shot. But we can still have fun with this. He can kiss Jews goodbye. All that Christian crap is not their cup of tea and his fathers crap is a turn off too. He’s not a Latino. He is a Cuban and he best take a look at Hispanic’s opinion of the Cuban. They do NOT consider them Hispanic.

But wouldn’t it be sweet if he was GOP’er candidate? But first he needs to show us his long form birth cert. Right?

I think a Senator the other day should we should stop paying attention to this clown. It enables him.


as someone who, presumably, has been following politics longer than I have (unless you and your child had children very young), just how long have the Republicans been attempting to court the Jewish vote, and has it ever been anything more than a mistaken belief that we’ll just vote for whomever is the most gung-ho about Israel?


Well, this is one old Jewish Lady’s vote you’ll NEVER get, Ted!


Wouldn’t he have to court the kocks, hannity, limpballs and karl rovian first before he even can consider, “ANYTHING”


And this is where his doomed-to-fail White House bid begins the “fail” part. It’s classic Republican “strategy” to thoroughly misunderstand polling (see: Dean Chambers), the internet, and social media in general. Cruz is largely a joke amongst politically aware Millennials and just about everybody else as far as internet discussion goes, but I wouldn’t put it past his strategists to not have any clue as to why he’s “the most discussed potential presidential candidate” [on social media].

This should be funny.


Brilliant! Please proceed, Senator.


True. But he will get a lot of free outreach from the media, especially the Sunday talk shows. He is becoming one of their most frequent guests.

This headline is from “The Onion”, right?

It is almost as funny as “Hitler to Court Poles, Gypsies and Jews.”


Good question. I have vague recollections of 1948 Truman v Dewey race, where the Jewish and Black votes put Truman over the top in key big states. I think in every election since then, the Republicans have tried to slice away at the Jewish a Democratic constituency. To my recollection, they only had some significant success in the Jerry Ford vs Jimmy Carter 1976 election, where a lot of Jews were put off by Carter’s evangelism. Jews generally just don’t believe in what the Republicans have to sell. Republicans think that if they take a hard line stand on Israel, that they can substantially cut into the Jewish vote. Not very many people are more hard line on Israel than me, but the Republican line just doesn’t work for me. And they will never ever succeed in making Hillary (who will be the first Presidential grandmother of a Jewish child) seem soft on Israel. Moreover, on every issue of consequence Hillary’s policies and heart are where the overwhelming number of Jews are.

Let’s hope he trys this strategy that is sure to fail. He’ll suck a lot of wind out of the room though.

The Sunday talk shows are of zero importance any more. No one bothers to watch that crap.

Did Chelsea convert to Judaism? I must’ve missed that.

What % of the Jewish vote did Mitt Romney get? Cruz might be able to get half of that.
And Romney did post-mortem conversions of Holocaust victims to the Mormon faith.


He’s already lost the Hispanic vote for his vocal opposition to fixing immigration. Millenials think he is way too extreme and Jews aren’t big supporters of his wing of the GOP so to me this does not look like a winning strategy but go right ahead Senator…


And Canaan is Amerika for Pete’s Sake. Those baptisms continued even after the Mormon Church promised they would discontinue that shit too. Fucking lying sacks of shit.