Discussion: Teacher Accused Of Sex Crime Shoots Self Outside Court While Awaiting Verdict

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Zero empathy for child molesters here.

I’m sorry his victim won’t get to see him sentenced.

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Zero empathy here also; however the article states that he was awaiting the verdict, not the sentence, and we are all still innocent until proven guilty and pronounced as such by a jury of our peers.


I’ll remember that when I am called to serve on the jury of someone accused of child molestation. I am pretty sure that an innocent person wouldn’t off themselves before even hearing the verdict.

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People are falsely accused all the time. With a juror like you I’m not sure they’d get a fair trial.


You are apparently unaware of the great number of people who plead guilty to crimes they 100% didn’t commit. They do so not because they are pleading down, but because they are manipulated.

This guy might be as guilty as they come. But he also might have been innocent and had concluded that the trial hadn’t gone well and didn’t want to spend time in prison. Maybe everybody was already treating him as if he was guilty – friends distancing themselves, hate mail, graffiti – and he couldn’t bear it.

He might have also had other health issues, mental or otherwise, which contributed to this. I’m sure you remember the recent story of the Republican running for office who shot himself because of an alleged whisper campaign about him being Jewish. To you or me that wouldn’t be worth shooting ourselves over, but to that guy, it was a big deal.


By doing that, he may get his conviction vacated, or possibly avoid civil suit damages against his estate. There could be a potential angle like that to protect his family, etc.

Plus technically you are not “innocent” until proven guilty. You are “presumed innocent” until proven guilty.

The Republican guy who shot himself had been described as very unstable, overly sensitive, and even suicidal by both friends and relatives. Totally different scenario here.

Depends. If the victims family wanted the death penalty, they should be happy.

But his death might potentially negate a civil suit. Remember when Ken Lay died during his appeals process, his conviction was vacated. Technically Ken Lay did not commit a crime.

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I am entirely aware of the great number of people who plead guilty to crimes they did not commit rather than run the risk of a lengthy prison sentence.

I am also entirely aware the world is filled with pedantic fucktards who holler “innocent until proven guilty!!!” at anyone who dares to offer an opinion on the guilt or innocence of someone charged with a notorious crime.

I repeat what I wrote: when I am on a jury of my peers, I will absolutely base my judgement of guilt or innocence upon the evidence presented at trial and in accordance with the judge’s instructions.

Otherwise, I am under no obligation whatsoever to not make a judgement on someone’s guilt or innocence. “Innocent until proven guilty” is for our justice system, not an admonishment from the Founding Fathers to be fair-minded when reading news stories about crime.

If that distinction is too difficult to understand, you might want to ponder how fucking stupid are the people who shout “you’re oppressing my free speech rights!!!” at people who criticize the awful and stupid things such people say. That’s how fucking stupid you are when you say, “innocent until proven guilty!!!” at someone else who has an opinion about someone charged with a crime.

Or if even that is too sophisticated for you to grasp, then think about the fact that OJ was found not guilty in his criminal trial, therefore if you believe in “innocent until proven guilty” you are constrained to believe he was blameless in Nicole’s death.

sconosciuto – you have proven yourself the vastly superior intellect. After reading what you wrote, I now agree that I’m a pedantic fucktard, that I’m incapable of understanding what you wrote, that I’m guilty of a bunch of transgressions which have offended you that you have divined by reading between, above, and below the lines I wrote. In short, you are vastly superior and from now on I’ll avert my eyes from what you write in order to show proper deference to your towering intelligence.

aw, I hurt your fee-fees. I has a sad now.