Discussion: Tea Party Leader Awkwardly Backtracks After Backing Immigration Reform

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“The wrong people”

That’s grand.

Laura Ingraham: Immigration reform would "change the face of the country forever."

Tipped your racist hand there, didn’t you, Ms. Ingraham?


“She said his argument that the existing system is ‘broken’ makes her ‘ears bleed’ because it’s what pro-reform Democrats say.”

As I’ve said recently, this is just more evidence that the modern GOPers like her are simply anti-Democrats, nothing less, nothing more. She’s not interested in policy. She’s interested in what Democrats say so she can oppose it.

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In response to Ms. Ingraham’s lofty and well-reasoned rhetoric I will ask the most obvious of questions … who has the more equine face, Laura or Ann Coulter?

They can’t help themselves and it is one thing that gives me some comfort that, while 2014 may be ugly, come 2016 we can count on them to once again fall on their collective swords.

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Her maternal grandparents were Polish immigrants.

“Ingraham is the adoptive mother of three children. Her two sons were both adopted from Russia. The oldest of the bunch, and the only girl, was adopted from Guatemala.”

What’s the matter with adopting three American baby’s that have been saved from abortion?

The face of the country is already changing and changing for the better. She is just petrified because the face doesn’t look or think like her and the other hate filled buffoons to whom she preaches.

Laura has no faith in the American cosmetics and hair-care industrys like "establishment RINOs do.

Okay, I’ll go for it.

“Laura, why the long face?”

Yeah, it’s an old joke but, in her case, appropriate.

True Ingrahamian rage or Trojan Horse ploy to promote Sal “TPEe” Russo’s bona fides among moderate Republicans?

We report. You decide.

So for Republicans, the ONLY acceptable approach to advocate & not get skewered mercilessly - is a total and unflinching opposition to a path to legalization…
and thus -
support for a total and unflinching comprehensive expulsion / deportation of every single one of the estimated 11 million undocumented aliens living in the US. - with NO wiggle room…

  • seriously - who thinks that would work?

“the main thrust of my op ed is that conservatives should write the immigration bill, not liberals.”

Awwww, poopy diaper doesn’t like who gets to play the game. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Ho-hoka, b*tch.

Was Ingraham born with Bitchface, or did she develop it over time?

Geez. ANOTHER pushy dame.