Discussion: Tea Partiers Are Already Warning The New GOP Majority: 'We're Watching You'

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NEWS ALERT!!! Flea on tail wags dog…Stay tuned for more details on this developing story…


Apparently, no one has told them that the Tea Party is over.

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Tee hee, hee! This is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.


@Seehowtheyrun Especially since rags like Salon and ThinkProgress have run countless blog entries about the “end of the GOP” or the “Tea Bagger death watch.”

The fun has begun sooner than I expected; hold on folks the compost is about to hit the occillator/fan

Joni Ernst is another Michele Bachmann and will be the butt of jokes for years to come.


Suckers. So who wants to guess on the release date of Ernsts sex tape…

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Their are now three distinct parties in the Senate, GOP, GOTP and Democrats. With Ernst, Cotton, the critter from Colorado and a few others Big Mouth Ted can and will make life very difficult for Uncle Yertle.

I’m not really concerned about the Senate doing much more of anything in the next two years than they’ve done in the last six. But it might be good theatre as the clown car gets built to GOTP specifications for the 2016 election.


So, what exactly appeals to you about swallowing what the Koch’s spew? Men who wouldn’t give you the time of day, but would hire you for crap wages, and no benefits and, then send your family a sympathy card after you expire from some illness related to a toxic work environment?

Did you not notice how many GOP candidates distanced themselves from the GOPT?

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What kind of garbage statement is this, huh? Get off your high horse for a stinking second and see that I WAS AGREEING WITH YOU.

they really just aren’t very bright, are they?

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Of course they 're “watching” that’s what flaccid do nothings do…they watch… sit back and let others do the real work …don’t dare get out of line and speak your mind incumbents…there will be no diversity in this government…it is not necessary…we just got rubber stamped by an electorate so dense they’ll be dead before they catch on…


“Let him veto it.”

Good idea! Go argue like jackals over legislation that you already know will drop dead the moment it gets to the Oval Office.


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Yeah. That worked out so well for the Schutzstaffel.

Don’t count on it. Whether or not you agree with her, she seems to be a lot more articulate than Bachmann.

I doubt she will be the butt on any jokes and will instead strike fear in the hearts of Republicans leaders much more than their Democrat counterparts…

Call their bluff. A wise Dem or Independent should up the ante when ACA repeal is introduced. They should insert a amendment stating if ACA is repealed states are allowed to create Medicare for all plans. Or they should just ask the Tea Baggers if they are really opposed to any government involvement in the health care system would they forgo their employer tax deduction or Medicare?

Ernst won by a big enough margin in a state that keeps sending a whackjob like Grassley back, that she will see no reason not to keep the Teanuts happy once she gets there. McConnell will think he can get away with giving them lip-service, but will find himself in the same position as Boehner, constantly unable to deliver. Plus he’ll have the added disadvantage of Democrats filibustering anything that Teabaggers really want.

You don’t seem to understand. We progressives LIKE to see you teabaggers destroy the Republican brand with your Joni Ernst idiocy. Please proceed.

Let a thousand teabags brew!