Discussion: Tampa Bay Police Officer's Gun Accidentally Fires In Bathroom

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We should obviously take the guns away from law enforcement, an officer is a responsible officer until he/she is not. We cannot let these people guard our schools. So who was the bad guy with a gun? Was he attacked with a swimming pool? We need to insure, train and license these officers like we do with cars. And limit LEO magazine capacity and…

End of my 2 minutes in the head of a gun-o-phobic mind…brrrr…what a messy place!!!

I’m not sure whether to applaud or to offer you a wet-nap.


No safety on the gun? What the heck? Is this guy Barney Fife? Andy shouldn’t have given him that bullet!

Not just for hazing recruits anymore. In the Moar Gunz Everywheze! NRA Umerika, it’s an important safety training drill:

Thank you for that Private Joker.

Guns don’t accidentally go off.


Um, Libs, could you repeat that, except this time pretend you weren’t daydreaming while your 8th grade English teacher was teaching the class how to write a simple coherent paragraph?


The same thing happened to this guy too and he isn’t even allowed to have a gun.

What is this?
I don’t even

He needed to go and pulled out the bigger piece.

Note to journalists –

If a gun has a flawed design and/or manufacturing defect that would allow it to fire for no apparent reason, then using accidental, accidentally is accurate. If this is the case, then articles should identify the make/model of the gun so that owners/potential owners of the same gun can be made aware of such flaws; which may lead to lawsuits, perhaps.

If the gun is not inherently flawed, then the accurate way to write your story is > “A [identify shooter] carelessly fired his gun…”

Considering that the gun’s safety was off and a bullet was already in the chamber to arrive at this place, replacing carelessly with recklessly is even more accurate.

TPM writers, lead your industry to better reporting!


Sheesh. A truly humane justice system would keep that blockhead in prison for life to protect him from himself.

At least he went to the bathroom - alone - to masturbate. If he’d been stroking that around other people, someone could’ve been hurt.

Was the gun OK? Will it live again to shot and or kill again? Was it returned to the same deputy that had the “accident”??

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He went to the bathroom and removed his gun from his belt, which is when the gun accidentally fired.

Or to put it another way, “Someone who is too careless, too stupid and/or too negligent to have a gun, went to the bathroom and removed his gun from his belt…”

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Why is everything in this news item passive?

“Police Officer’s Gun Accidentally Fires”

“…Deputy’s gun accidentally went off…”

“…which was when the gun accidentally fired.”

First of all, the only part of this item that IS conjecture is the “accidental” part. Who says it was an accident, except for the perpetrator?

How about, “Florida Police Officer Fires His Gun in Bathroom, Claims It Was Accidental.”

And: “An off-duty Florida police officer fired his gun in a race track bathroom.” It’s not clear from the piece whether the COP is claiming it was an accident, or the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. That’s the difference between this. " An off-duty Florida police officer fired his gun in a race track bathroom, and later claimed it was an accident." And this: “An off-duty Florida police officer fired his gun in a race track bathroom in what the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office calls an accident.”

And: “The off-duty officer claims to have fired his gun while removing it from his belt.”

“Accidental” was used three times in that short fucking thing.

Furthermore, the sheriff’s office is still investigating the incident, so insisting it was an accident at this point is pretty damned irresponsible.


“Florida Police Officer’s Gun Accidentally Fires In Bathroom”
Shouldn’t that read Florida Police Officer’s Gun ‘Accidentally’ Fires In Bathroom. Why did he remove his gun from his belt? Was the officer fondling his gun in the bathroom and it went off?

They do when they’re poorly made or designed.

Probably a bullet hole in the mirror. Thought somebody was sneaking up to attack him. Good ole shoot first and then figure out what happened. oops it was a accident. yup, sure was.