Discussion: Supreme Court Throws Up More Abortion Barriers By Knocking Down Buffer Zones

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9–0. Stunning.

Will they also eliminate the 100 foot barrier around the SCOTUS? Will they eliminate “free speech zones” at political conventions?


I wouldn’t be too concerned about this. I’m sure, given that a woman’s right to choose is a Constitutional right, the Republicans will defend that right just as staunchly as they defend the Second Amendment right to own a gun.


While I get SCOTUS opinion here, it’s a shame that anti-women’s right demonstrators have to be such assholes. The law shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.


Yeah, it’s pretty ironic that a body that won’t allow cameras has no problem with inflicting screaming, spittle-flecked lunatics on women.


So: buffer zones to protect women’s safety: bad, unconstitutional.
Buffer zones to protect GOP conventions: good, constitutional.

Got it.


Jennifer calls late on a Friday, leaving a short, anxious voicemail. She can no longer afford her doctor’s appointment — less than 24 hours away — because she was too sick to work this week and didn’t earn the extra couple hundred dollars she needs to pay for it.

What a lot of hogwash!!!

Jennifer has now Obamacare which will take care of her needs.

Well that article was a great waste of time reading it, as it told us almost nothing about the case or the ruling and wasted 99% of its content talking about things that have zero to do with the topic of the ruling, the case, etc.

And I say that as someone who is 100% pro-choice.


Well, that wasn’t a very intelligent reply. Especially when Obamacare does support abortions.

So, are you pro-choice for people being able to arm themselves with handguns? They should be totally banned and not even the police or the military on U.S. soil should be armed.

You’re too stupid to understand what’s going on with a woman who wants to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. She doesn’t do it frivolously, and it’s no victories for babies who’ll be quickly overlooked after they leave the fetus stage of growth. Thanks for tossing in Fascists and Holocaust too, a clear window into your sick head.


I felt a headache coming on and now I know why. It’s because you’re skulking around dropping your inanties in your path.


What a 100% non-sequitor. But for the record I am for mandatory licensing and registration for all firearms and background checks on all sales or transfers of firearms. I’d even be open to the idea of mandatory liability insurance a gun owner must carry.

Your point?


I got tearful before I finished the first paragraph in this story. I got emotional because I was one of those same frightened young women who choose to end an unwanted pregnancy. In 1973 I had to be declared to be insane by two psychiatrists and then find a doctor who would perform the abortion. The first doctor I chose blindly out of the phone book turned out to be a catholic, but he was kind enough to give me the name of a doctor who agreed to perform the ‘dnc.’ It was humiliating, but I’m grateful now I didn’t have to add the horror of running a gauntlet of screaming right wing fundamentalist, some of them armed and looking very dangerous, to my many other painful memories of that time in my life. Why can’t they understand? I mean those in power who blithely rob women of their rights and dignity.


same kind of hypocrisy when congressmen support open carry everywhere - but guns are not allowed where they work.


And Saint Reagan raised taxes, then funded Iran as he shit on the heads of the dupes who made up the moral majority then, and make up the tea party now.

You don’t think that GOP gals with means aren’t getting abortions after they fool around?


Don’t get in my way or I shall have to use the right to stand my ground against you…


Or you can mind you own business, idiot. You’re not God, just another egotistical ass who thinks he speaks for God. You’re no different than fundamentalist Muslims or any other delusional sky-buddy-botherer who thinks that the prayers you mouth gives you some kind of special “right” to tell other people what to do.

In short, STFU up Churchy. No one cares about your opinion when it comes to other people’s personal decisions. Too bad your parents didn’t teach you keep your opinions to yourself when no one asks for them.


Show us where, liar. Got nothing? Then shut up and stop lying.