Discussion: Supreme Court Rejects Appeal On Gun Rights In Public

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Oh, the NRA is not going to be happy about this.


The Nasty Regressive A-holes will not be pleased!

Oh, the tyranny! You have to give two adult strangers an actual reason you need to carry a gun when you feel like it, and “because I feel like it” is not a good enough reason.


It’s for mah Freeeeedom!

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Did anyone cue the bigot? Oh yeah, he’s on suspension…my bad.

I’m doing the best I can to fill in for him. This is harder than it looks, but through concussive blunt force trauma and heavy abuse of aeromatic enhalents, I think I can simulate it.

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It seems like all of this open gun-carrying could create a smaller-scale arms race, which is what I am most afraid of. There is almost literally no reason for your average citizen to carry guns around everywhere he/she goes under normal circumstances but if it becomes a more widespread thing (because freedom), then more and more people might feel that they must start carrying guns around too in order to ensure that that the “other people” carrying guns are not looking to cause them harm and just going about their daily business.

You all realize that if liberals were as pro-gun as conservatives, conservatives would be pro-gun-control? I say each of us buy a hand gun, strap it to our hip, and walk around with T-shirts with crosshairs on Limbaugh, Hannity, et al.

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I hit my limit of likes today, but you rate an atta-boy for that one!

The NRA was not behind this case, Allen Gura was the attorney and the Heller 5 don’t particularly care for him. They are still waiting for a better case & attorneys to come along, such as Peruta from the 9th which the NRA is behind and the attorneys are Paul Clement and Chuck Michel. Both better than Gura in my opinion.

Nor is the American public.

So you are not happy about it either.

Truly a pleasure to see you, and I mean that sincerely. I am wondering if the continuation of mass shootings since the elementary school in Connecticut has changed your views any.

Shall-issue carry permits and Stand Your Ground: two stupid ideas that go oh so well together.

Wait, I thought the American public was generally in favor of stricter gun control. And the ruling lets stand the New Jersey approach to carry permits. Aren’t Americans happy to let people in various states decide for themselves how they want to run their lives?

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Those are your people, not mine, eagle dude.

The oppressing 0.01% can sleep easier tonight, knowing their “stuff” is safe from the armed masses. Well done, judicial servants of the rich!