Discussion: Strzok To Testify That His Work Was Never Tainted By Personal Bias

This is going to be the big show today! I hope he maneuvers like Zorro against a team of Mr. Magoos and leaves them bleeding and naked.


that was beautiful wordification.


The Republicans will rue this day.


“I have the utmost respect for Congress’s oversight role, but I truly believe that today’s hearing is just another victory notch in Putin’s belt and another milestone in our enemies’ campaign to tear America apart,” Strzok will say, according to the remarks.

Flat out calling them complicit. Very nice. I suspect he’ll have a few details to add, that are not in his opening statement.


He’ll be restrained though because he can’t do any damage to Mueller’s investigation.


Rachel Maddow had very interesting information on Strzok last night. http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/gop-stunt-to-smear-counter-intel-expert-strzok-ripe-for-backfire-1275196995963?playlist=associated


Of course. But he can probably zing pretty good without crossing that line. Every answer can be crafted to show him fighting the good fight against the enemy the Rethuglicans won’t even talk about. @cervantes is right, they are going to regret this.


Seem like as an FBI agent, if in your work you find someone that’s doing illegal things, it’s not really that big a deal to discuss with co-workers and mention it would be better for the US if you can expose those things to keep the person from causing problems for the US.


Donald not happy that Jeff isn’t protecting him from these guys.

Strzok is probably the best qualified person on the planet to face the compromised GOP in a hearing.

And I can’t believe they are stupid enough to give him the platform of a public hearing.

Thank goodness for the country’ sake they are that foolish.


The FBI’s top Russian Spy Killer vs. The House Benghazi Committee Punching Bags ?

Imma go over to Betfair & see what the line is !


I saw the Maddox segment on Strozks role in counter-intelligence work on planted Russian moles - very interesting and impressive.

If they put him under oath in an open session, there is no limit to what he could say or imply about Trump’s treasonous behavior during the campaign. I think he is protected from prosecution for discussing classified information if he is asked a direct question during this interview under oath, (speech and debate clause), so he may well take advantage of it.

The Dems could simply ask him if Trump is an asset of Putin’ and/or Russian intelligence, and if that was formative of his personal opinions expressed in his tweets to Page. This could really blow up in the face of his GOP interrogators.


Anybody know if this hearing is going to be televised and on which channel?

In watching that it’s kind of surprising that someone like Strzok would text something that could possibly be used against his work. And especially knowing what he knows about how stuff can be found to use against you.

edit: That said hopefully he can spill s lot of the shit about he knows about Donald during his questioning.

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