Discussion: Stolen Elections, Voting Dogs And Other Fantastic Fables From The GOP Voter Fraud Mythology


Excellent piece. Keep up the good work, TPM! (And thanks to the AFT for supporting this effort!)


Great article! So much wonderful detail. And isn’t it interesting that all the “bad guys” in it landed on their feet?


If Republicans were so concerned with people on the dole voting, ironic that a majority in the dole are now white, not Those People. Now they find new excuses. Yet Heritage themselves have only been able to document around 2000 incidents of voting fraud among the billion plus votes cast. And they still don’t talk about their then claimed successful blue thumb you voted election in occupied Iraq. Perhaps doing it here might expose the multiple votes claims, like the rest, are another lie.


Another piece for academics of the future to point their students towards… not just excellent information, but EXCELLENT writing, this is journalism in its best form. Keep after em’, guys, the TPM crew isn’t just reporting history, they are making it.

My Republican friends and family can actually comprehend the charts, but like Trump, they don’t do so well with the paragraphs.


I enjoyed the read, but know I cannot send it on to even my Lib friends because it’s tl;dr - heard too many times already - they don’t read what I send because they “don’t have time.”


Excellent work. Thank you all for this.


What a great article. You at TPM deserve a million thanks.

It’s just pitiful that we still have to hear this lying bullshit from one rotten, traitorous party. The Republicans have created another pathologic lie out of whole cloth, and they care only about winning no matter the means. They cannot govern, only rule like dictators. Cheat, steal, lie, all to freely practice their seven deadly sins. So let’s please roast them in Hell on Earth.


Really good history about voting rights particularly about the myth of fraud in 1960 Chicago. An aside, not only did African Americans turn out in higher numbers because of JFK going to bat for Dr. King but there was a spike in Irish and Catholic voters because of ethnic pride.


The irony is the dole has ALWAYS been majority White.

They don’t care about the numbers, it’s the CLAIM of fraud that helps them continue to push to suppress voting. I wonder if they’ve bothered to total the incidents BY PARTY. Since the Right muddies the water by grouping several different crimes into voter fraud, it’s tough to keep up.

There was a guy in Wisconsin that voted absentee for himself, his ex, his son and son’s girlfriend, then tried to vote at the polls and he was voting Republican.

There was the disgraceful miscarriage of justice of the woman in Ft Worth that was trying to register to vote but was an ex-felon. The tragic part is she asked her Probation Officer, and others if it was legal for her to vote, and no one could tell her. the result of her going before an elections judge requesting to vote landed her with a five year sentence for violating her probation. She was trying to vote as a Democrat.

Contrast that with the woman that cast two votes- one for herself and one for her dead mother. She claims Mom wanted tRump to win. She got probation.

There’s always a few cases around Registration, some of which are bogus because any organization doing a registration drive has to turn in all forms. So if someone fills out a form that’s clearly fraudulent, the organization has to submit it.


Did not bother to read the article.
Now correct me if I am wrong, but when was it that a major democrat stood up and threw shade at this republican bullshit? Did Obama do it? Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer? Anyone? Republicans do it because they know they can get away with it.

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Excellent article and series. As a long-time TPM follower, I appreciate that TPM covers things that are important, not merely the event du jour. The Rove attempt to politicize the US Attorneys 10 years+ ago was a high water mark; this series on GOP vote and voter suppression falls into that category.

On a different political blog, I came across a comment regarding the text of the 14th Amendment, Section 2: Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers…,But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to … inhabitants of such State… the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in [] proportion **

Has this clause been part of any of the recent gerrymandering cases? Who has standing to enforce it? Has the GOP ever been engaged (or was the Dixiecrat South ever engaged) by Congress or the Attorney General to provide voting rights to its citizens, on the pain of losing seats in Congress if it didn’t?

I would love to see this question covered in a future installment of the series.


A well-respected prof at my university had once been a GOP county chairman. He frankly admitted that most voters would serve their own interests if they voted Democratic (but that wouldn’t necessarily be best for the country). So he said it was in the best interests of the GOP if voter turnouts were low.
He was one of those old-school persuasion over demagoguery types, so it’s no wonder he wasn’t chairman any more.

www.brennancenter.org has a number of excellent research papers investigating the myth of voter fraud. I read several of them, I also researched claims made by Republican Attorneys General, and I read a conservative think tank’s claim about thousands of Latinos voting illegally. The upshot is that Republicans are complete liars and don’t even follow the standard rules of research and statistics. For example, the right-wing paper only obtained 25% of the state’s voting rolls and did no investigating of any of the voters with Latino names but just assumed they were all illegal. Still, their claims were published as truth by every right-wing web site and quoted on radio and TV. You cannot argue with stupid. Right-wingers will believe anything that supports their delusional world view.

Republican efforts notwithstanding, anyone living in Chicago at the time knew that wholesale Democratic Party election fraud and manipulation there was commonly known at least well into the 1970s, at least under Mayor Dailey, if not under Black Mayor Washington.

60 years of crying fake news and creating the fake news.

Here’s video of Paul Weyrich’s speech: https://youtu.be/ck4vJ8IH2_M