Discussion: Stewart Slams France For Arresting Comedian After 'Free Speech' March (VIDEO)

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Bibi would never have showed up at the rally if it had really been about free speech. The protesters had one agenda and the world leaders present had their own. Looking more and more like the White House knew what they were doing staying away.

French law is not American law, Stewart.

that’s not the point…the hypocrisy of declaring free speech so important, then arresting someone who says something disagreeable is the point. it’s a good point too. that action basically laid bare where all this is heading.

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As if that’s the point.

I think I can see the difference. It’s like the “Fire!” in a crowded movie house argument. Offering public support for a murder who just killed multiple citizens and declared himself to be at war with your country earns you the right to be detained.

Public endorsement of violence and killing is not the same as blasphemy as perceived by certain segments of society. I.e. “I mock your god, but don’t endorse killing you because of of your belief.”

He wasn’t offering support. He was, as a marginalized member of French society, pointing that it is French society that is identifying him as Charlie terrorist, while mainstream French society was identifying as Charlie good guy.