Discussion: Stewart Rips GOPers And 'California Liberals' For Vaccination Denial (VIDEO)

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If shame and ridicule are the only things that will motivate some people to vaccinate, then pour it on.


Ok, so now I have to now take back what I had said earlier – thinking anti-vaxxers were the tea party / anti-government crowd. It seems that it’s a confluence of the new-age/holistic/organic crowd dove-tailing nicely with the tea party/anti-government/anti-Obama folks. So…congrats new-age liberals! I hope you come to understand the dangerous stupidity you’ve helped to unleash with your nonsense.


As much as I despise the mentality on display from the “Marin County Mom”, I don’t think shaming is a viable route to correct the problem. Nor do I agree with Amanda Marcotte’s ridiculous idea of a $5K fine – talk about helping to recruit a whole new set of anti-vaxxers.

No, I think the only real way to “nudge” them to get their kids vaccinated is to put in place minimum vaccination requirements for things like public/private schools, daycare facilities, doctor/dentist offices and the like. Make it clear that, if you want your child in public places, interacting with the public at large, they need to not endanger everyone.

There are JUST AS MANY MORONS on the left as there are on the right.
The difference is, the ones on the left can afford better education and hire “image consultants”.
Other than that, they the same, narcissistic “me, me, me” assholes as the Tea-Baggers.

A false equivalence made in hell. An enclave of stupid by a few liberals is not equivalent to the institutional stupidity of the GOP, its media, and supporters. For democrats, it’s a bug; for republicans, it’s a feature.


Then how do you explain the fools who, by voting for Ralph Nader, made G.W. Bush president?
Who by NOT VOTING (because Obama isn’t JUST LIKE THEM) granted the Republicans control of the Senate.
They exist. In the same numbers as the Tea-Baggers. Your “Confirmation Bias” won’t let you admit it.
Today’s Liberal, navel-gazing, crystal-worshiping, anti-vaccine, organics-only, sandal-wearing, bicycle-riding, hipster-Maia-worshiper is tomorrows Fundamentalist-Reich-Wing storm trooper. All you need do it remove their support mechanisms, make them destitute and desperate, and instill enough FEAR in them so they blame any convenient scape-goat and they will become exactly what they currently hate and feel SO superior to (that is after all the GOP plan.)
It’s arrogant to think you and yours are SUPERIOR to THEM just because you are smug about it.
The extremes on the left and right are mirror images of one another. All that differentiates them is their rhetoric.

If you can figure out how to get any kind of legislation through the federal or state congresses I’d be with you. We have laws that require our dogs to have shots. Should we have anything less for our children?

This is a pretty good piece…

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Marin County Mom didn’t say SHE was one of those ‘thoughtful libs’ in her community, or even who they were. I suspect who they really might be is so-called Reagan Dems, not really libs at all but those used to a certain assumed civil tolerance. Merely forbearing from tying a bible to your chest and toting around a huge firearm doth not an actual liberal maketh a person.

The rest is too stupid to imagine. Vaccinations in innocculation against public disasters are at least as obvious and defensible and ENFORCEABLE as traffic laws. 100 per cent enforceable regulatory regimes are required for these, with the only excuses or defenses being if the person charged took every reasonable step to try to comply or that would make a reasonable person think they’d complied, same as for driving laws.

Same as for driving laws. Repeat. Repeat. Same.

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Those people make up 2-5% of Democrats/liberals; enough to swing general elections when they’re very tight, like in Florida and New Hampshire in 2000, and in some Senate races, but not enough to be a major force especially since they often don’t vote. In contrast, teabaggers make up 30-40% of Republicans, and they’re also the most reliable voters.

So, while they do exist on the left, they absolutely are not in the same numbers as on the left. If they did, we would have Naderite Democrat candidates at least competitive across the country and winning on the coasts, just like TP ones are among Republicans.

Nothing in the above word salad remotely corresponds to political ideology. Your white rhino of “liberal” cliches has no sway with official power and its stupidity is not sanctioned at the highest levels of the democratic party. Which is the danger of the latest republican foray into disputing what was settled science.

That would be arrogant and foolish. It’s one of the rightwings greatest flaws, substituting stupidity wrapped in bravado for a reality-based outlook. Romney Landslide. I didn’t choose superiority; they chose inferiority, and Im going to give them respect they deserve for it.

And size, and political clout, and tangible destructive effect on our country. But hey, breeze, hurricane, it’s all wind, right?

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I’m immune deficient, thanks to a pesky contamination exposure I suffered in the Marines a few decades ago. Vaccination is critical to avoid an illness or even death for me. But, since we are such a small part of the population, some people could care less that what might cause them a minor inconvenience for a few days can put me in the hospital or worse.

“They practice a mindful stupidity.”

I’ve lived in Marin. I met some people who had the most elaborate explanations for acting like fools.

I think Stewart missed the point to some degree. Instead of going for the false equivalency bullshit, which he often has a tendency to do on many issues to satisfy some weird twitch he has, I would have liked to see him address which Democratic politician is advocating for the vaccine choice idiots or anti-vaxxers in comparison to Republican politicians. That’s where I see the obvious disparity among our leaders.

They call them leaders for a reason…People believe in what they have to say. That’s where some people get their information from even if these politicians have a no-science background and ignore a general consensus among scientists. The tacit approval towards a Libertarian world view, to do whatever makes you feel comfortable, as opposed to being responsible, is what’s driving this debate. Also he should go after the TV and movie stars (no matter their political persuasion) who get an outsized voice on these issues. Its not really the Marin County idiot I’m worried about in her singular but dangerous albeit ignorant views, though she surely contributes to the problem. She adopted that view most likely after hearing some idiot advocate to her way of thinking from some loudmouth proponent of the anti-vax movement somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ is where I want people like Stewart to begin with their criticism. That would be the responsible way to start taking down this misinformation.

Maybe he should have run the Bill Maher “Mr. phony liberal” advocacy guy for the anti-vax choicers. TV personalities should be included among his jabs…but I dare say, most are probably some of his best friends or people he’s trying to book on his show.

I’m no fan of Bill Frist, trust me, after his avuncular doctorly manner of diagnosing Terry Shiavo as some ‘expert’ on the Senate floor by denying the vegetative state Ms. Shiavo was in, and then denying a second time that he didn’t actually do that after the autopsy was completed and he was proved wrong…

But on vaccines he did get this one right.